You Only Have One Heart.

You only have got that one fist-sized heart. What do you want to put in it? Being so small, it has to be light and fast enough to pump your blood to every nook and cranny of your being. Would you like to unburden your heart so it can carry out its primary function?

Don’t take on more than you can bear. Focus only on the most necessary stuff: God first place, gratitude and trust. Everything else should not be squeezed into that tiny muscle. God represents everything you could ever want ot need and he deserves the entirety of your heart.

Nowadays we feel so torn between this and that. Everything seems to want our attention and time. We end up giving in to everything but God. Remember, God says in the Quran that he does not ask for sustenance from us neither does he need to be sustained by us. On the contrary, he is the one who provides. It is the natural way, the heaven way, where Adam and Eve did not need to toil and hussle to get food. They simply ate( too bad they ended up eating from the wrong tree). Today, in this dimension of the world we live in, we still can live the heaven way. I know it sounds ludicrous and facetious, but I want to assure you if that was not the case, we would not have the law of attraction basically bringing to any Tom and Jerry who aligns with it, whatever they desire. And dare I say, who is more powerful? The fisherman who knows how to catch fish or the one who put the fish in the sea? The same way, while most people choose to side with the fisherman in today’s world, thinking if they rely on the law of attraction they will be taken care of for good, they forget that if they chose to align with the one who put the law of attraction in the first place, their life would be magical to say the least. After all, the fisherman needs for there to be fish in the sea, whereas, the one who made the fish does not need them( he can always make others).

It is wise to prioritize God. He will make sure you have anything you want. In fact, he will go as far as making sure you get even better than what you want, should what you want fall short. Therefore, in one tiny heart, clear away any clutter and only place him inside. He cannot be fighting for space with sadness, worry, fears, anxieties, heartbreak, hate or belief in other competing deities or superstitions. He is a proud God who wants, and deserves your whole heart. If you place your reliance on him and him alone, you will be amazed at the miracles which will unfold in your life. Throw away that tarot deck and allow him to guide you in his eternal wisdom.

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