When God Prepares You To Receive What You Have Asked For

Before we can have what we want we need to match it vibrationally and spiritually. It is the law of the universe that like attracts like. Therefore, this means if we want good things in our life we need to first of all be good ourselves. On the flip side, this also means that if we see ourselves in situations we don’t like, the first place we must look is within ourselves. And trust me, that is not easy at all! We are never objective when it comes to ourselves.

Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Joe Dispenza and pretty much every author who has written about life and shared its secrets, has affirmed without doubt that the only way we can accelerate the arrival of that amazing job, that caring spouse and that beautiful home, is by going through a metamorphosis of some kind to shift our perspectives, attitudes and behaviour from one state to another. This is what religious people call, God’s preparation. God prepares us so we can align with what we need in our lives. This takes the form of changes which might first be very hard and we are reluctant to accept them, or it can take the form of mistakes we make in our relationships and us suffering those consequences. On other occasions, God prepares us by giving us challenging circumstances which are beyond our control, to shape us and teach us.

Preparation can be hard or fun depending on your level of submission and acceptance. For example, you will find a person, who is born in a family where there is no peace. The family members constantly get into conflicts and there is quarreling and voices are raised and this same family is afflicted with depression and other mental disorders. This person being in the middle of all this chaos, has no way out and nobody to turn to. Nobody except one. He seeks the refuge in God and prays for deliverance from this storm. What He does not realize is the reason why God gave him this storm? Is there something he must learn from all of this pain? Is he subconsciously attracting this chaos by affirming its existence in his life and his helplessness in dealing with it? What happens if he suddenly declares that there will be love and peace in his family? What happens when he affirms the opposite of what he sees, and consistently sends energies of peace, love and harmony to the universe regarding his family? What if all the stress that he has been going through is so that he can find ways to deal with it and later share his journey and his wisdom with others in the world who are lost in the same kind of storm he had?

Nothing is pointless. Everything has meaning and a wisdom we can only understand when we go through what we fear, resent and hate. Even in the Quran, God affirms and acknowledges our desire to only experience wonderful nice things. He knows if it was upto us we would never fall sick a day in our lives, or lose anyone to death, or stay hungry. But, it is in these moments of desperation and helplessness, that we take ourselves closer to God. Then what does God have to do except bring those moments more often , when he misses us? It is therefore, upon all of us to make prayer our daily habit regardless of our situations. Good or bad, we must strive to stay closer to God alone and denounce all of that which He dislikes so we can enjoy his love which is abundant and lasting.

The point to take home is, we need to be what we want. Only when we cultivate the happiness and the fulfillment we seek in othe things and people, can we really start to see them appear in our lives. Also, we should not be scared of the painful, awful things which happen to us from time to time. The bad is meant to build us and the good is meant to teach us gratitude and sharing with others. Stay strong and put God first, you will never be last!

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