Gratitude: The Cure to Depression

I get sad when my needs are not fulfilled. I become hopeless because my desires are not happening soon enough. I feel lost and lethargic about my life when I don’t see any improvement in my reality and when I don’t like where I am right now or what I am doing with my life. This is when depression, that monster who has paid me more visits than anyone else I know and overstayed his welcome without shame, sets in. And once you give him a finger, he will take the whole hand. He will move along every good thing in your life and like a shadow, cast its creeping darkness upon every blessing and make you blind to any good thing. You will start feeling less and less energy and waking up will be a bother. You will not see any use in waking up and preparing for the day. Slowly, you will start sleeping in and waking up at in the afternoon. Sometimes you will not want to wake up and wish you never do.

At this point, you have two choices: one is you could choose to remain miserable and unfulfilled, or you could decide to look carefully at your life, and just like the way you would pin point at everything bad, on the contrary, pinpoint everything that is right! Sit down, with a pen and paper and write down every little thing you are grateful for in your life. Look back five years and count the things you didn’t have back then which you have now. And they are many. Trust me. By doing this, you will notice a drastic change in how you feel. This simple act of saying thank you, will make you feel so blessed and you are indeed blessed! Like my lecturer once said, Don’t allow yourself to be depressed! She was right.

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