You Only Have One Heart.

You only have got that one fist-sized heart. What do you want to put in it? Being so small, it has to be light and fast enough to pump your blood to every nook and cranny of your being. Would you like to unburden your heart so it can carry out its primary function?

Don’t take on more than you can bear. Focus only on the most necessary stuff: God first place, gratitude and trust. Everything else should not be squeezed into that tiny muscle. God represents everything you could ever want ot need and he deserves the entirety of your heart.

Nowadays we feel so torn between this and that. Everything seems to want our attention and time. We end up giving in to everything but God. Remember, God says in the Quran that he does not ask for sustenance from us neither does he need to be sustained by us. On the contrary, he is the one who provides. It is the natural way, the heaven way, where Adam and Eve did not need to toil and hussle to get food. They simply ate( too bad they ended up eating from the wrong tree). Today, in this dimension of the world we live in, we still can live the heaven way. I know it sounds ludicrous and facetious, but I want to assure you if that was not the case, we would not have the law of attraction basically bringing to any Tom and Jerry who aligns with it, whatever they desire. And dare I say, who is more powerful? The fisherman who knows how to catch fish or the one who put the fish in the sea? The same way, while most people choose to side with the fisherman in today’s world, thinking if they rely on the law of attraction they will be taken care of for good, they forget that if they chose to align with the one who put the law of attraction in the first place, their life would be magical to say the least. After all, the fisherman needs for there to be fish in the sea, whereas, the one who made the fish does not need them( he can always make others).

It is wise to prioritize God. He will make sure you have anything you want. In fact, he will go as far as making sure you get even better than what you want, should what you want fall short. Therefore, in one tiny heart, clear away any clutter and only place him inside. He cannot be fighting for space with sadness, worry, fears, anxieties, heartbreak, hate or belief in other competing deities or superstitions. He is a proud God who wants, and deserves your whole heart. If you place your reliance on him and him alone, you will be amazed at the miracles which will unfold in your life. Throw away that tarot deck and allow him to guide you in his eternal wisdom.

The Foreboding Darkness; A reflection of our dark nights of the Soul

I am lying on my bed with a phone in my hands. The lights are out and I am inspired to write about the darkness which we normally find ourselves stuck in, in the course of our lives.

I have been through my fair share of dark nights of the soul. Put simply, a dark night of the soul is when you cannot see a way out of your miserable situation. It is when you feel like a victim of circumstances. People and places hurt you. You feel lost and incapable of pulling yourself out of the rut. It is when negativity has made its home in your mind. Smiling is painful and detestable. You wish the pain in your heart will go away. You don’t see the light at the end of anywhere and you gave up on God a long time ago and perhaps blame him for your current state, if you still believe he exists.

I think the biggest tell-tale sign of a dark night of the soul is that whoever is going through one, looks out for anything which will help them cope. They will overeat, overdrink, use and abuse drugs if that helps and binge watch TV to blindness. Those with previous obsessions or addictions, relapse during this time and they lose themselves to whatever that is which makes them escape from their current, pain-filled, hopeless and distraught reality. During this time, ironically, when we need God the most, it is when we alienate Him and stay as far away as we can from any mention of a holy scripture, graceful words or prayer.

So right now, as I gaze into the darkness looming over my room, I cannot help but feel a sense of familiarity with that black nothingness, which sends chills down my spine and makes me get goose bumps. I think it is my body’s way of recoiling from the horrific memories of my past. It is as if my eyes are staring into the shapeless, formless shade of blackness, scared to see my old self somewhere in there; crying sleepless into the night, not having anything work out, breaking down and under, feeling abandoned and alone and not seeing any flicker of hope. In this mirror of misery, it is as if my eyes are looking into the lives of everyone who is still stuck inside this forlorn abode, with no way out. It is as if my eyes are affirming to me, who is now standing in the circle of light radiating from my flashlight, You got out! You survived!Others are still stuck there. Others are not so lucky!

Therefore, whenever I raise my hands to pray, I tell God I am not praying just for myself, but for those who cannot pray for themselves. I tell him, God I am praying for those who are stuck in the pits of darkness. Fighting colossal monsters of depression,hopelessness,self-harm,drug abuse, helplessness,illness, victimization and isolation.Just like me, who got out perhaps because someone had remembered to pray for me, today I pray for them, in hopes that my prayer may bring light into someone’s life and save them from the darkness and into the light. God, stand by those who have lost hope in life, those who cry alone in the dark of the night, wondering if anyone cares, if anyone hears their cries for deliverance from the storms of their life. God please expand their chests and lift the burdens off of their shoulders and call them to you. Show them what you have shown me, the joy and peace that can be found in your warm and loving embrace. Amin

When God Prepares You To Receive What You Have Asked For

Before we can have what we want we need to match it vibrationally and spiritually. It is the law of the universe that like attracts like. Therefore, this means if we want good things in our life we need to first of all be good ourselves. On the flip side, this also means that if we see ourselves in situations we don’t like, the first place we must look is within ourselves. And trust me, that is not easy at all! We are never objective when it comes to ourselves.

Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Joe Dispenza and pretty much every author who has written about life and shared its secrets, has affirmed without doubt that the only way we can accelerate the arrival of that amazing job, that caring spouse and that beautiful home, is by going through a metamorphosis of some kind to shift our perspectives, attitudes and behaviour from one state to another. This is what religious people call, God’s preparation. God prepares us so we can align with what we need in our lives. This takes the form of changes which might first be very hard and we are reluctant to accept them, or it can take the form of mistakes we make in our relationships and us suffering those consequences. On other occasions, God prepares us by giving us challenging circumstances which are beyond our control, to shape us and teach us.

Preparation can be hard or fun depending on your level of submission and acceptance. For example, you will find a person, who is born in a family where there is no peace. The family members constantly get into conflicts and there is quarreling and voices are raised and this same family is afflicted with depression and other mental disorders. This person being in the middle of all this chaos, has no way out and nobody to turn to. Nobody except one. He seeks the refuge in God and prays for deliverance from this storm. What He does not realize is the reason why God gave him this storm? Is there something he must learn from all of this pain? Is he subconsciously attracting this chaos by affirming its existence in his life and his helplessness in dealing with it? What happens if he suddenly declares that there will be love and peace in his family? What happens when he affirms the opposite of what he sees, and consistently sends energies of peace, love and harmony to the universe regarding his family? What if all the stress that he has been going through is so that he can find ways to deal with it and later share his journey and his wisdom with others in the world who are lost in the same kind of storm he had?

Nothing is pointless. Everything has meaning and a wisdom we can only understand when we go through what we fear, resent and hate. Even in the Quran, God affirms and acknowledges our desire to only experience wonderful nice things. He knows if it was upto us we would never fall sick a day in our lives, or lose anyone to death, or stay hungry. But, it is in these moments of desperation and helplessness, that we take ourselves closer to God. Then what does God have to do except bring those moments more often , when he misses us? It is therefore, upon all of us to make prayer our daily habit regardless of our situations. Good or bad, we must strive to stay closer to God alone and denounce all of that which He dislikes so we can enjoy his love which is abundant and lasting.

The point to take home is, we need to be what we want. Only when we cultivate the happiness and the fulfillment we seek in othe things and people, can we really start to see them appear in our lives. Also, we should not be scared of the painful, awful things which happen to us from time to time. The bad is meant to build us and the good is meant to teach us gratitude and sharing with others. Stay strong and put God first, you will never be last!

Gratitude: The Cure to Depression

I get sad when my needs are not fulfilled. I become hopeless because my desires are not happening soon enough. I feel lost and lethargic about my life when I don’t see any improvement in my reality and when I don’t like where I am right now or what I am doing with my life. This is when depression, that monster who has paid me more visits than anyone else I know and overstayed his welcome without shame, sets in. And once you give him a finger, he will take the whole hand. He will move along every good thing in your life and like a shadow, cast its creeping darkness upon every blessing and make you blind to any good thing. You will start feeling less and less energy and waking up will be a bother. You will not see any use in waking up and preparing for the day. Slowly, you will start sleeping in and waking up at in the afternoon. Sometimes you will not want to wake up and wish you never do.

At this point, you have two choices: one is you could choose to remain miserable and unfulfilled, or you could decide to look carefully at your life, and just like the way you would pin point at everything bad, on the contrary, pinpoint everything that is right! Sit down, with a pen and paper and write down every little thing you are grateful for in your life. Look back five years and count the things you didn’t have back then which you have now. And they are many. Trust me. By doing this, you will notice a drastic change in how you feel. This simple act of saying thank you, will make you feel so blessed and you are indeed blessed! Like my lecturer once said, Don’t allow yourself to be depressed! She was right.

You Are Asking Wrong; When Your Prayers Go Unanswered!

Don’t ask for the wrong things. Ask the universe to give you what you need the most and what will make you the happiest!

Please allow me to tell you this: each one of us has two personas within us. One is our external person whose suit we are wearing as our physical bodies. This person is in this life to learn , make mistakes and grow from them, so you can say she still has a lot more stuff she needs to mess up and I would not rely on her entirely when making important decisions; for those life-changing decisions, I would need a little extra guidance . And that is where the other, who is our true essence, comes in. Our higher self is unlimited and unrestrained by anything in this reality. This higher form of self is always there, whispering our biggest ideas into our ears and through intuition, makes us make the right decisions for ourselves.

Let me help you understand. Imagine your home. It is a space you live in which is in a town you are familiar with. Your home town may look big to you , you could even get lost in it or need the help of a car or train to take you from one place to another. However, if you take out your world map, or rather, your country map, you will quickly notice that the entire town or city you have been seeing as expansive and vast is actually just a tiny dot in a sea of dots all over across the world. Now, suppose this tiny dot of your home town is your physical ego self, your higher self is the world map with all its dots. What I am saying is, you are bigger than this physical manifestation. Imagine it as if someone tried to fit the titanic into a swimming pool. That is how infinite your true essence is. It has lived and occupied that much space throughout several lifetimes including this one, and already knows so much, wisdom which you can tap into for guidance in moments of confusion.

As I write this I realize some of you may not have been convinced. You are not small. You matter and you have everything you need to lead the life you want. The question is always, “what do you want?” , Not “what don’t you want?”! Don’t let the simplicity of this question fool you. If this question were asked to most of us, we would be shocked to find out most of the stuff we have replied with have very little to do with what we truly, really want from deep in our hearts. This is because, as humans we are moved to want what we don’t have at the moment. Right now. So for example, I will say, I want money. To have lots of it so I don’t get scared about not having enough in the future. Why? Because I am currently entertaining feelings of not having enough money. I have been feeling as if I will not ever get money again. That somehow, there is not enough money in the world to come my way. The world bank shut down. There will be no more money available. Everyone is going to have to make do with what they already have! That is my current mood. But is that really the case? Do I really know that I will not very soon walk into fortune and have everything I want very easily , just like that? Why is it so easy to assume the worst and accept it as the truth and only truth and absolutely unfathomably impossible to assume the best and declare that as the only truth?

Long story short, there are things we need, which we don’t have right now. Things that we forget to remember when we pray fervently on our prayer mats. Instead of asking for them, we find ourselves asking for what is not really going to bring us what we need: happiness, joy and a meaningful life lived to the fullest! Who is to blame? Our egos, for not seeing far enough, for being motivated only by our nearest needs and demands and for not having the foresight which only our highest forms of self possess!

I will get real clear about one fact. You will definitely get what you ask for.That is a guarantee and I swear to God if more people knew this and 100% believed in this, depression and anxiety would become extinct and therapists would all lose their jobs! The real trick is to know what is it you should ask for. If you ask for something which is in alignment with your higher self, you will find those things come very quickly. On the other hand when you keep asking and you are not getting, instead of doubting the integrity of God and start accusing him of being unfair and biased( please forgive me), you should ask yourself, what is wrong with what I am asking? Is what I pray for really what I need to be happy? Am I asking wrong? Because most times, that would be the case.

So How Do you Ask Right?

Joe Vitale, in his book The Attractor Factor, said, while asking for something from the universe, after you have stated everything you want, for example,

” please God bless me with a beautiful home, a handsome man to love and protect me, a nice car, lots of money so much so that I will not know what to do with it even after I have done absolutely everything I desire, a big library full of all the best books, my own private island with a cabin I can just go to escape from the world once in a while and read, sleep and eat, the freedom to travel the world and enjoy beautiful exotic places, dining at high end restaurants, …

don’t forget to say this powerful statement,

“…this or better than this.”

This means that you are willing to let the universe bring to you what could be way better than what you are asking for. This short powerful statement shows the universe or God, you trust fully that what you will receive will positively surprise you, because it will be better than what you could imagine was possible. This also means, you acknowledge the fact that from your limited perception of what is possible or not, you might have asked for something you don’t really need and that there is something more and better which exists out of your imagination and understanding, to which if you surrendered to the universe, would be granted to you.

Why Am I Unhappy? I Did Everything Right

I was told to study and study hard I did. Education will give you a job, then you will not need anyone,I was told. So I put my nose to the grindstone and worked my way through a gruesome 8,4,4 curriculum. Just like that, 16 good years of my life were gone. As if those were not enough, someone decided to add another several years of my golden life, because of all the careers in the world, God decided I should become a lawyer. (Was it God or my misguided unwise self back then? I don’t know. Sorry God)

I hardly remember the excruciating moments through nursery to University Graduation Day. I think that is mostly because our minds have a therapeutic way of making us forget our pain, if it proves to be too much for us to handle. Or, there are just too many distractions or demands for our time and attention throughout our life, that we hardly have time to recall what we ate yesterday, let alone what trauma we have been subjected to in our past. That must be it! We are just too busy doing the wrong things which hardly give us any joy! Think about it! If you cannot come forth and say it, I will: I am too unhappy and I cannot for the life of me understand why that is! I did everything right! I even walked the extra mile of picking one of those career paths that should guarantee prestige and success. Then why am I depressed? Where is the joy that was promised to all of us hard-working souls ? Where is the paradise?

I want to say someone must have lied to us! Education might be important but I am starting to think that an overzealous investment in a career path which empties the bank, your youth and your mental health and which gives very little in return, is not the right way to go! Absolutely not advisable! It does not pass the common sense test!

Not to come off as too negative. I am not trying to say we should not become professionals. Far from it! What I am saying is invest wisely. Spend your energy on something which brings you happiness. If something asks too much of you and you know you could do better pursuing something else, please listen to your heart.

Some people love food and dining but they end up becoming civil engineers, not chefs! Why? Some people love to write but you cannot see a single course in our Kenyan Universities that will guarantee you a career as a successful author. And what do such people do? We become the closest or farthest thing from what we love, lawyers or even doctors! Instead of waking up everyday excited about our next idea for our next book or to simply read the next best book, we have to attend thousands of hours of classes trying to teach us how to draft a freaking notice of motion with ridiculous affidavits. Don’t start me on civil and criminal procedure and the damn rules of hell. Where is the inspiration? What room is there for creativity and personal expression? Not every letter should have “the subject matter refers!” I find these formal letters boring and mediocre, to say the least. I never loved rules when it came to writing. They simply suffocate your creativity and are a sure fire way of chasing the writer out of you!

On a more positive note(trust me I am trying to smile), I realize it is not the end of the world. I also thankfully realize, that I have this wonderful platform to write and share my thoughts with my wonderful readers all across the universe.I did not throw away my passion for writing and even if it is tiny and cannot be compared to thousands of dollars invested on exhausting miserableness that is my career, I was able to invest a few dollars every year for this blog that is my breath of fresh air!

The message in this whole catastrophe is, please do something you love!

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