Husseyn- That Time of the Year When We Are Reminded this World is Shit

Yes, you heard me right! This world, the one we love so much more than anything, is shittier than shit shit.

Why? You ask. Well, it is in this world where thousands die each day because of war, starvation or disease. Millions of lives are lost through violence and tyranny. Greed of those with power against those without;stealing the only bottle of water a community survives on, when you got a whole lake!

The tragedy of Karbala challenges my greed. It is the greed for comfort, luxury, riches and money, yes, lots and lots of money. If God or the universe or my highest self or whoever, gives me the gift of life, I want food. Just when I somehow manifest three meals a day just fine, I start to think if only I could have enough money to buy furniture. When a new set of sofa arrives, I look at my 32 inch TV and wish I could own a bigger one, so I ùcould at least enjoy showing it off to my friends when they drop by my place. Assuming I somehow get everything I want, there is still going to be something I wish I had had, if only I could get a spouse to share these things with, if only I could afford an overseas vacation with my family, if only I could own designer bags and shoes. If , if , if….

It never stops. Try and tell me. Tell me when you can say that you are so satisfied with everything in your life right now, such that if a genie shows up with three wishes for you, you would pass them up!

So where does Husseyn come in all of this? Husseyn, like Jesus, was ready to give up his life and that of his family for his conviction. He believed, he stood by it and he died for it alongside the rest of his family and a 6 month old baby. He dared to slap each one of us and our greed for material possessions and comfort and shamed everybody for wanting to go on living with our only motivation being ourselves.

Every year, for ten days, I am reminded of why buddha chose a life in the mountains and not in the city. Everyday for ten days, I think if this world is really worth anything, why do good people suffer and bad ones win? I think if this world was everything, why is everything in it so messed up? If one part of the world thrives, another falls to ruins. If a group of powerful countries rise, they leave even more countries in shambles under their feet. I want to know if this world, this life, really is worth everything we have put in them. I would love if someone assured me that if I could have everything I want, I could live the rest of my life enjoying it without having to fall sick, or get bankrupt, or get raped, or killed in an accident or die in one way or another. Can someone promise me that? I don’t think so! If that is the case, why would anyone want to love this place and never want to leave?

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