Why Oh Why?

I why is this reality an illusion? Why does everything I see and touch seem so real? Why is it called reality if it is unreal? Is my cat not real? Is the bed I am sitting on not real? Is this phone I am holding in my hands not real?

If the physical is but a manifestation of the spiritual, doesn’t it mean we have all been duped? Or we duped ourselves? Why lie to us that this world and everything we perceive with our senses is everything there is? Why make us believe we live to die? Why make a joke out of our existence?

The real world is not tangible. It is made of energy, colours and waves. Beautiful,dancing, colourful rainbows. What color are you? I am emerald!

Why give us two eyes on the front of our face only to see an illusion, but only give us one unseen eye on our forehead, which we forgot we even have?

Why lie to us that we are powerless, when we hold the power to create the world? Why let us forget this fact, and make us helpless ducks?

I wish we could remember who we truly are? I wish everyone saw their true image when they looked in the mirror, past the flesh and bones. I wish we take back our power to create the life we want. I wish we stopped believing, that there is something we can pray to, to help us!

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