I Surrender

Why surrender to fate?


This is the word that echoes in the depths of my mind whenever I contemplate how peaceful surrender is. This is an Arabic word, from the book The Alchemist , meaning “already written”. If everything is already written about our life, why bother worry about anything at all?

If our death was decided upon even before our birth, aren’t we just actors, playing out a script at the director’s command? Is life really just another movie, novel, or play? Should we all just give up fighting and surrender control over our life, since characters can’t really dictate how a story goes, it goes how the writer perceives? If this is the case, who is this writer and can I meet them?

Is God the writer/director?

Ever since I was awakened to the belief of angel numbers, the universe and the law of attraction, I have always been conflicted about the place and role of God, especially, Allah, in all of that. Is Allah the Source? Could He have been arabized in the Quran and interpreted in prophet Muhammed’s eyes and background? Or is Allah a God for Arabs? Why was there Jesus? If Jesus is the son of God because he came from the spirit of God, aren’t we all sons and daughters of God then, because if God is the source of all life, he should be in all of us, making us all gods? This is all so confusing! I am still trying to make sense of everything and connecting the dots wherever I see any link.

For example, Islam means surrender, especially, surrendering to the will of God. Surrender is the Bible of law of attraction, meaning Islam could not be so far from this law. For those who don’t believe surrendering should mean that everything is fated, I still have a theory for you. Let us say surrender means trusting that a higher power knows what is best for you and if you have faith, it will lead you to everything you need that is for your highest good. This theory still applies to what I have learned about the universe where it is believed that each one of us exists as a higher form of self which is always looking out for us and knows what we want and has all the answers which we can tap into through our intuition or inner voice. Except in Islam, instead of a higher form of self, there is a separate God called Allah. However, I say separate with a pinch of salt, because in the Quran, Allah has declared many times that he is closer to each one of us than the jugular vein in our necks. In some instances He declares that He knows everything from the depths of the deep oceans to the falling of a leaf. My question is, for any power to know everything everywhere, doesn’t it mean that He has to be one and the same as everything and everywhere? He is the leaf that falls, the ant that crawls, the ocean with all its depths and deeps? Now, looking at what I have learned about Source being the essence from which all life is manifested in the universe, where we as humans, birds, bees, trees, fish , everything is a manifestation of the Source , this shows just how strikingly similar, these two beliefs are. 

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