How Giving Could Change Your Life

Give and you shall receive, written somewhere in the Bible.

Every religion has talked of giving as a guarantee of receiving. You not only receive the amount you give, but it doubles and triples in ways which could amaze and shock you!

Buddha Power bracelet

Buddha power bracelet

So I recently bought this buddha power feng shui bracelet which is supposed to make you receive so much money and miracles, so much so that your life could change into the life of your dreams.

Excitedly, I went on a hunt for all the information I could find about the amazing powers of this bracelet. One of the biggest conflict was in which hand you were supposed to wear it. One particular youtuber explained how when she wore it on her right hand, which is her active hand, she spent so much money she kept on giving it away. Once she realized this, she changed to her left hand, and cannot believe how much money keeps on coming to her from unexpected places.

I unboxed my bracelet and for the first time I put it on my right hand. I was amazed at how shiny the bracelet was and was curious about the writings on the black obsidian beads. I then found out they were a mantra for peace and spiritual ascension.

Why Spending Is not so bad

So I don’t know whether it was just my mind but when I put on my bracelet I would spend and give away money. I put it on my right hand. I started believing what the woman in that youtube video was saying. But before I thought about switching hands, I said to myself, “Wait! Isn’t the point to give so you can receive?” Nobody is wrong for thinking that only when you give without fear of not having enough, can you really truly receive without fear of running out! So it makes so much sense that the right way to wear the bracelet is on the right hand because it is guaranteed by the universe that you will receive when you give.

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