A Frozen Flower- Trust me you’d want to watch this movie and here’s why

I have no words to describe this one. I have watched it countless times and every time I don’t skip. It is one of those love-at-first-sight movies which will have you come back again and again, why? Because no other movie in the same genre could compare!

The story goes like this…

There was a fairly handsome, loyal and reserved king. He is kind and cares a lot about his group of scouts which he trained and supervised. This group of scouts were young boys slightly younger than he was. They literally grew up together. The king is shown to particularly like one devoted boy scout, who was very much dedicated to the group’s main purpose, which was to serve and protect the king, even with their lives. This boy would train into the night and for this reason he grew closer to his king.

The boy grew up to become a strong, handsome chief of the scouts and we are shown that his closeness with the king, who is now this tender, fiercely loyal and dotting authoritative man, has become into a full-blown love affair.

Does the king have a wife?

Yes indeed. He is married to a beautiful woman who has not had any chance to get close to him because the king is busy showing affection and making love to his chief of scouts. The wife upto this day, had not even had her first night with the king. That just goes to show how fast this marriage was going to go down the drain.

Now, political marriages are always about heirs. This one was no different. The king was not going to get away with not bedding his wife for very long, because the pressure for an heir was just too intense, as to cause some ministers in his court to plot to dethrone him, using lack of heirs as the excuse.

The Conundrum

Now what would an impotent king who could not bed his wife do to secure his throne? All he had to do was ask his lover, the chief of scouts, to bed his wife in his stead. Whaaaat?!! You heard me right. He asked and of course his lover refused but you see , their relationship was always going to be defined by a servant-master status because being the king, he could not be refused since anything he said was considered a decree. This dynamic between them, you could say, will be responsible for many problems to come, and most significantly, you could say, it was this very dynamic of king and subject which robbed the king and his chief, of any real chance at true love devoid of duty, especially on the part of the chief of scouts.

The Falling Tower

The chief, upon tasting some of that juicy sweetness served by her majesty, lost his bearings and almost forgot that he had any duty to love his king. The biggest loser in this whole business is the king because he loved with his all and gave it all away the moment he asked something he should not have.

A lesson to us all, always choose the person who will love you like there is no tomorrow. Also, when faced between lust-come-love and loyalty, choose loyalty. If I were the chief, I would love my king with all I have got, because his love and care was so tender, giving and so possessive of course, something I die for. I could do anything to have been the person to whom the king was making love in that intense bed scene between them(yes, the movie has several very hot bed scenes). In this sense, I agree with the deputy chief who, like me, wish we could swipe places with the chief. The chief can chase her majesty’s skirt all he wants, for it is loyalty and tenderness that is found in true love, and not in sneaking in library corridors for midnight booty calls.

What can I say, those who have a good thing always end up not seeing its value and instead leave it for something less.

You Don’t Have To Fight Anymore

Dear all of you who have been in hell,

You don’t have to fight anymore!

You survived. You came through to the other side of hell. You no longer have to take a defensive stance anymore. You are safe.

I know the place you have come from. A place which made you suffocate. A toxic home environment. A narcissistic ex. A deal gone wrong. Cancer. Heartbreak and pain. That place made you scared. It is a dark place to be at. You held on with all your strength. And had to borrow some. You refused to give up. You wanted to so much, but you could not pack up and run. Because where else would you go? Who cared enough about what you had been through. All people saw was a wreck. All people heard in your cries was complaints. They would not understand. No they just don’t care. Because it is not happening to them. They will only care to judge, saying, ” Oh you have changed!”. How do they expect you to remain the same, when all that you went through alone took such a toll on your very essence as a soul. Don’t they remember the wars you had to fight alone? One against them all? How could they forget your dark nights of the soul? Those moments you wished you had died. But alive you still remained. How would they know? They would not understand. You gave your all in the fight. But the dark hole took just as much as well. It took your smile. Your free spirit. It stole your heart and turned it to bile. It made sure you would always stay afraid. Afraid of trusting in the world. Afraid of opening your heart. Your softness turned into aggression. Your warmth to ice. You built walls. As high up as the sky. Nobody could break through to reach your true self. You stayed alert. Always weary of others’ intentions. You don’t need to fight anymore. The worst is over.

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