What hard truths of life does everyone need to realize?

  1. The best place or thing has equally the worst thing about them just like your best attribute can also be your worst.
  2. If you encounter hate and enmity it is a sign you are better off than your enemies and they cannot handle it.
  3. Life will give you the same circumstances you hate unless you learn from them.
  4. The law of attraction works. It is responsible for every miserable thing you have encountered in the past. In order to change that you have to change your vibration to match what you want to experience and see.
  5. In my experience, the most accomplished people are the humblest whereas those who have made little achievements in life are the bossiest.
  6. We are all connected as one. Separation is an illusion. Therefore, be mindful of the state of those most near you as well as those far away if you can. Support as much as possible because the universe in you would not be fine if it ignored the universe in others.
  7. Life is predetermined. This is clearly repeated and emphasized in the book “The Alchemist.” If you really believe everything in your life is there for a reason, you would not worry or resist.
  8. Be like water and flow. Go around your obstacles and not against.
  9. Trust in the reason as to why you exist. You take one day at a time and slow down your clock.
  10. Get clear on what you want to experience in this lifetime. A home, what kind? where? Is it all glass does it have a pool is there a garden? A spouse? Is he or she tall do they love the same things? Get specific. Don’t let the universe guess what you want. It does not have the time because we are so many in the world. Get specific get faster results.

All Hail the Queen and Her Very Sharp Sword

There is no short cut to life. To live you must learn and in doing so you grow. I am the queen of swords. For those who don’t know what this means it is a card in tarot showing a queen holding a sword. She looks sharp in all her ways. Sharp-tongued, is one of her famous traits. She cuts with her words, is straightforward and frank like the colourless glass. She leaves no room for anyone to guess what she means. Where is her softness? Where is her heart? What happened to her warmth? Her femininity? What happened to this queen for her to take up the sword and defend herself from all those who come close, too close for her comfort?

I am this queen. It comes as a shock to me because my nature is warm and soft-spoken. It clashes with my self-image of being a very loving person with lots of love and warmth to give to the world. What happened to me in the past that I must stay alone and keep others at bay? Why won’t I allow myself to connect with others? Did someone hurt me? Did something break my trust in others? Was it the lack of love and warmth in my childhood? Was it the heart-breaking relationships?

Trust me when you look at me, you will likely misjudge me. Which means, how I have become on the outside is a sharp contrast to my true inner self. My soul wants to connect with others. It craves for social networking and meeting new people. It wants to relish in every experience and travel the world. Most importantly it does not want to hide but rather, to be heard. How come my personality and exterior are so isolated and sharp? How do I tell the queen of swords to go take a break? How can my soul come forth and express itself freely without fear of judgement or ridicule? How do I allow myself to connect and welcome others into my life? How do I give those who did me dirty, second chances?How do I forgive?

Today I confirmed my status as the queen of swords. Tears would not stop racing down my cheeks, as I begged to whoever was listening to free me from my prison. A prison I did not know I was in. I begged to heal my heart . It must have been dead all this time. It must have cried and cried for help in its last moments but finally gave up and died. “Help me.” Can I bring it back to life? “Please help me, I don’t want to be alone for the rest of my life. I don’t want to keep others away. I don’t want to hold grudges against anyone anymore. I don’t want to cut others off because they disappointed me or let me down. Please help me express my innermost nurturing and accommodating self to the world. Please, please!”

I came to this world to learn to connect and forgive others by loving them without judging them and giving them second chances when they hurt me. What did you come to this world to learn?Comment below.

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