Aaron Doughty- How We Give Meaning to Our Life

I don’t know if you guys know Aaron Doughty, a famous you tuber who specializes in law of attraction and other awesome secrets abut how the universe works. Anyway, this guy has a huge following and I have heard several people and other you tubers talk about him, recommending him for eye-opening information and other ground-shaking truths only someone blessed by the universe such as him would know. Today I listened to him talk about what he termed as, “the secret that will transform your life- use it onl for good,” and it was about how we attach meaning to people and situations in our lives and how that has made it harder for us to let go of those things simply because we chose to give them value and hence power over our lives.

He went on to say that that was the reason why we cannot move on from a job we hate or a toxic relationship that’s draining us. He was insistent about the fact that we create meaning and the same way we can, if required, change the way we see things and situations in our lives. For example, someone who believes that law of attraction does not exist and there is no way someone can get the things they want simply by feeling as if they already have them, this person is unlikely to see this law manifest in their life, whereas, if someone is adamant in their belief that yes the law exists and nothing is impossible to achieve as long as you level up in the vibration which matches what you seek to have and enjoy,this person is guaranteed to see this law manifest in his life.

What we fail to understand is that we can choose what we want to believe. What is more interesting to know is that the meaning you ascribe to something becomes your reality. But, that does not mean you are not allowed to change it and hence change your life!You can always choose which meaning serves you and which does not. Anyone can do this. So it begs the question then, why are many of us choosing not to? Why are we so skeptical of these amazing secrets of the universe, one main one being, the law of attraction, that we are willing to remain stuck in our old ways of powerlessness and misery. Why do we give away the God-given ability to get anything we want and enjoy this life?



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