Here is A Reason Why You Should Fast This Month

Fasting speeds up the manifestation of your desires. Muslims all over the world began fasting recently, a tradition which is known for many benefits such as gaining spiritual enlightenment, body detoxification, weight loss, and the obvious reason of worshipping and getting closer to God. However, did you know that fasting can accelerate the manifestation of your desires? The fasting in Ramadhan is the kind which requires you to abstain from all desires of the flesh, such as food, water, sex, and others, from dawn till sunset, every day for 30 days. It is believed, during this time, a Muslim becomes stronger and through this temporary detachment from physical needs, they level up spiritually to a place which can only be accessed by disconnecting from earthly desires or desires of the 3D world, Godliness.

It therefore, makes sense to hear stories about fasting which have made people, just because they abstained from food or drink, attract and manifest their desires at the speed of light. It goes to say, that it might be because a lot that is delaying our manifestation of what we want , has to do with the food we eat. It also goes on to prove the theory that humans were not supposed to eat for example, three meals a day, but one was enough to sustain us. In fact, eating more food could have opposite results and lead us to become lethargic or cause our minds to lose concentration. Monks, like Sadhguru, comment on the enormous power present in abstaining from too much food. He says that he eats only one meal very early at dawn and it is enough to keep him functioning throughout the day at amazingly high energy and vibes.

Food, as depicted in the movie, The Croods, was hard to get. The competition was fierce and if a person managed to eat even a tiny amount, they were fine. I will argue that perhaps, it was this way of living, which made our ancestors resilient to many diseases we have today such as blood sugar and pressure. It is therefore, very important for the body to rest from eating and indulging and Muslims, Christians, atheists alike, all have their unique ways to practice this powerful tradition of fasting.

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