Being Okay With What Is

The phrase Never Give Up is pretty much misunderstood to mean fighting for the thing we want and never giving in to what we don’t like happening in our lives. I believe this is a deficient way of looking at it.

Never giving up should actually mean never give up your joy in any moment of your life. It should be interpreted to mean never put conditions to your happiness.Always find that one tiny reason to be happy. It means to accept what is in the domain of fate and to stop worrying yourself over things you cannot control.

The real pain only begins when we are in a state of non-acceptance with the goings-on of our life. The moment you decide you are not happy because of 1,2,3 things, is the moment you tell your brain to stop finding joy!

I believe we experience a blissful state of inner peace when we are okay with what is presented before us, especially the stuff we cannot change about our life. Whereas, we can change who we are friends with, where we work, what we eat and where we travel, there are some things, no matter how much we try, are beyond our say in the matter. This is the stuff which I think should be made peace with and accepted in order for us to enjoy the rest of our life and the parts we love about it.

In order for us to be freed from our endless search of conditional happiness, we must first learn to let go of control and resistance to life and what is happening around us and to us. If we can be like the three laughing monks depicted in chinese history and just laugh away at life like it is this one big joke (which it is,really), we can find freedom from sadness and pain.

Esther Hicks says, when we fight against what we don’t like we create resistance with what we want to happen. Letting it all go and simply being in a state of flow with what is happening and refusing to be bothered by it, may just as well be what it takes to find happiness which lasts.

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