Our Anxieties

There is a reason why we get scared. I once met someone who had a panic attack every time they thought they would stay hungry. To prevent this from happening, they would buy lots of food that they don’t even need. Another person was so scared of being broke he would get sick when his account dropped below three figures! It is obvious that these people had had traumas in the past about this stuff they cannot do without.

There is a normal level of anxiety for example, the kind that students experience before an exam, or the type which leaves you breathless as you anticipate your first date with your crush. Then there is the crippling monster of fear which paralyzes you and leaves you dysfunctional.

I equate this fear to annoying, theiving ants who bombard your food ration, like a destructive and malicious army of sneaky theives.

After observing several people, including myself, suffer in the hands of this monster, I came up with anxiety hypothesis:

Every fear or anxiety is related to a past trauma. Therefore, in order to heal from it one has to heal the trauma from the past.

It might be hard to realize why you break down or go into full blown panic attack in the face of this problem or that, but once you observe your behavior and response in the triggering situations, you will see it when it is coming and get an upperhand in controlling it from robbing you off of your joy and peace. Anxiety is the enemy, but this enemy is not unconquerable!

Here is A Reason Why You Should Fast This Month

Fasting speeds up the manifestation of your desires. Muslims all over the world began fasting recently, a tradition which is known for many benefits such as gaining spiritual enlightenment, body detoxification, weight loss, and the obvious reason of worshipping and getting closer to God. However, did you know that fasting can accelerate the manifestation of your desires? The fasting in Ramadhan is the kind which requires you to abstain from all desires of the flesh, such as food, water, sex, and others, from dawn till sunset, every day for 30 days. It is believed, during this time, a Muslim becomes stronger and through this temporary detachment from physical needs, they level up spiritually to a place which can only be accessed by disconnecting from earthly desires or desires of the 3D world, Godliness.

It therefore, makes sense to hear stories about fasting which have made people, just because they abstained from food or drink, attract and manifest their desires at the speed of light. It goes to say, that it might be because a lot that is delaying our manifestation of what we want , has to do with the food we eat. It also goes on to prove the theory that humans were not supposed to eat for example, three meals a day, but one was enough to sustain us. In fact, eating more food could have opposite results and lead us to become lethargic or cause our minds to lose concentration. Monks, like Sadhguru, comment on the enormous power present in abstaining from too much food. He says that he eats only one meal very early at dawn and it is enough to keep him functioning throughout the day at amazingly high energy and vibes.

Food, as depicted in the movie, The Croods, was hard to get. The competition was fierce and if a person managed to eat even a tiny amount, they were fine. I will argue that perhaps, it was this way of living, which made our ancestors resilient to many diseases we have today such as blood sugar and pressure. It is therefore, very important for the body to rest from eating and indulging and Muslims, Christians, atheists alike, all have their unique ways to practice this powerful tradition of fasting.

Being Okay With What Is

The phrase Never Give Up is pretty much misunderstood to mean fighting for the thing we want and never giving in to what we don’t like happening in our lives. I believe this is a deficient way of looking at it.

Never giving up should actually mean never give up your joy in any moment of your life. It should be interpreted to mean never put conditions to your happiness.Always find that one tiny reason to be happy. It means to accept what is in the domain of fate and to stop worrying yourself over things you cannot control.

The real pain only begins when we are in a state of non-acceptance with the goings-on of our life. The moment you decide you are not happy because of 1,2,3 things, is the moment you tell your brain to stop finding joy!

I believe we experience a blissful state of inner peace when we are okay with what is presented before us, especially the stuff we cannot change about our life. Whereas, we can change who we are friends with, where we work, what we eat and where we travel, there are some things, no matter how much we try, are beyond our say in the matter. This is the stuff which I think should be made peace with and accepted in order for us to enjoy the rest of our life and the parts we love about it.

In order for us to be freed from our endless search of conditional happiness, we must first learn to let go of control and resistance to life and what is happening around us and to us. If we can be like the three laughing monks depicted in chinese history and just laugh away at life like it is this one big joke (which it is,really), we can find freedom from sadness and pain.

Esther Hicks says, when we fight against what we don’t like we create resistance with what we want to happen. Letting it all go and simply being in a state of flow with what is happening and refusing to be bothered by it, may just as well be what it takes to find happiness which lasts.

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