A Tribute to Joel Osteen

If I met Joel Osteen I would tell him this:

Thank you Joel for being the first person in the world to help me expect great things from life. Thank you for your words of encouragement and positive expectation. I was lucky to have found your videos and I remember one in particular which changed my life. The video was about declaring God’s Favour. You said every day we should declare that we have the favour of God. Instead of being hopeless during problems, you convinced me to speak favour over every important area of my life. Joel, you said I have favour, that I need to declare that everything is working out for my highest good even when I cannot see it, even when it does not seem so. However, I find it difficult to stay in the state of positive expectation for a long period of time, when I start to lose hope and wonder to myself for how long am I going to stay in this hell, that has persisted despite my efforts to manifest a new life?

Joel, I want to ask you, how can I remain positive in the midst of all of these problems? How do I maintain my smile when nothing seems to change and when I am still stuck against all the odds of my life?

Joel, more than any other time, I need you right now. To tell me to never give up. To urge me to believe things will change despite how they look right now.

Am I doing something wrong with my life? Is there something I need to change? Is the problem me or is it something else? How do I attract the wonderful life that I am dreaming of? In the meantime, as I wait for this hell to pass, how do I stay positive?

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