The Good Place

I grew up believing that hell was this awful place bad peope are tossed into by God for sinning in this life. This place should be somewhere far, far away, a place which could only be seen after someone has died. I am starting to think I was grossly misinformed.

Hell is real!That part is true. However, it is closer to us than we might think.

Here is why…

I make this bold statement after I have questionned all the suffering that has manifested in various forms, all over the world and within each one of us.

Let us look at our lives, who can say that they have the best life with absolutely no problems? Apart from obvious challenges such as illnesses, accidents,Corona Virus, the plague and others, the very fact that we are alive for some time only to grow old and die eventually, should be enough to convince even the most optimistic positivist, that we got the short end of the stick with this whole life thing!

I mean, if you were given a choice to come back again and live through half of the pain you have been dealt with, only to die sooner or later at an unknown time and place, would you agree?

At the very least you should demand to know the circumstances of your death and negotiate to have a pleasant natural passing, in your warm bed at atleast 120 years old, surrounded by your adult great grandchildren.

For this very reason and countless others, I have been forced to entertain the possibility that we could be in hell right now. What if, like in the tv show “the Good Place,” we came here thinking this was it, only to find out later that we were duped by God and that this world right here, is in fact, a place where God sends the people with the biggest karmas to release, through inflicting all of this suffering upon us?

Before you scream, “blasphemy!”Just ask yourself what power you actually have over those unbearable circumstances of your life? Be it a dictator country, or the victims of the attacks in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and many more devastating events, what could have been heller than going through such life experiences? For example, right now as i write this more people die from hunger alone in yemen each day than even war, if that isn’t hell what else could it be?

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