A Poem About My Life

Universe, can you hear my cry?

I cry for help, for my life has lost meaning,

I search for signs, here and there, never resting, hoping you would reach out and guide me,

to my purpose in life, to the life I am meant to have and enjoy,

to the big true love of my life,

I lost count of the many times I thought I had found my passion, only to realize my life was stuck,

in mundane lifestyle, of waking up, working and sleeping,

I can’t help but wonder, is there a better way of living?

Perhaps an answer to all this boredom,

Is there a place, that would make me happy?

Is there a person, that is missing in my life, who has the answers to why I am feeling so dissatisfied?

I stare at the pictures on my vision board,

One of a happy couple, one of a beautiful house,

I wonder, are these things far out of reach?

Or is this just a way to console,

the hearts of those who seek beyond what they can get?

I stare at myself in the mirror,

Do I like who I see?

What does life plan for this person,

Who lost hope in all the disappointment,

Is there a happy end in her tragic life?

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