God, Do You Really Care or are we just a show?

I was walking down the street, lost in deep thought and I halted, looked up at the sky, and whispered to God, “God, I really hope we are not just an amusement. I hope you care about us and love us.”

Whenever I get overly frustrated about this or that, I find myself watching me losing control over my emotions and I chuckle,”Ha! Why am I so worked up over this matter? This is an illusion, and I am reacting and playing to the tune of this reality, which I can stay on top of,if I want.”

I find my heart whispering to me during these desperate times, when my physical self overpowers my higher self, and I get annoyed by almost anything and anyone, “If you don’t like it, ignore it.” If you don’t like how something or someone makes you feel, don’t engage. It is supposed to stop causing you frustration. It is supposed to leave your life. Remember, where focus goes, energy flows. Once you start engaging your attention and frustration in what you don’t like, more of the same will flow into your experience.It is the law of momentum. It is the law of like attracts like. To break the momentum you must sleep. How many times can you sleep for every emotion that drives you bananas?

Was Buddha so unaffected by everything? Will I learn a few things from him? Does God care about how we feel? Is he watching us as we cry, get sad, frustrated and confused? Did he intend for us to come here just for this roller coaster ride? Is he enjoying the show?

Please God tell me you care what happens to us. Please say that you intended more for us than what is happening to us. Please declare that you love us and you will never abandon us to this meaningless rat race we call life!

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