Say Thank You In Advance

I remember wondering why it is considered proper courtesy to write the phrase, “Thank you in advance,” in formal applications for a job or when requesting something. Why say thank you when you might not even get the job, or even a reply? Today I understand why. Saying thank you in advance, in all areas of your life, is a magical trick to get you what you want.

God in the Qoran says, “If you are grateful, I will surely increase you.” Whenever I came across this verse, I paused and reflected, “What can I be thankful for today?”. I never thought, by saying thanks to God in advance, or by maintaining a constant state of gratitude, I was actually going to receive more.

Here is another magical example…I was trying to unscrew a bolt to let trapped air out of my water pump and it wouldn’t budge. I kept trying, frustrated, afraid that I was going to have to carry water up the stairs with buckets. Forever passed by and I was still struggling. I stopped to take a break and played with my phone, accidentally tapping on “gratitude meditation affirmations” by Live The Life You Love, and decided to let it play. I listened on to the relaxing music and the beautiful words filled with thankfulness as I tried, for the last time, to unscrew the bolt, and it moved. I was able to pump water in the following several minutes without any hassle.

Another example I will give you of how gratitude can change circumstances is this. I had a very bad day. In fact, my emotions were all over the place, intense feelings of anger boiled inside me and I tried food, breathing exercises and whatnot to calm my intruding thoughts and the storm in my chest, nothing worked. I was flipping though you tube and I ended up playing a gratitude meditation video, and suddenly, as if by magic, my mind, heart and energy shifted completely. I felt present. I could feel peace infiltrating into my being and I instantly felt relieved.

I have learned that the best way to secure what you desire is to be so immersed in thankfulness for it as if you already have it. Does it make any sense? I think this is connected with the feeling of having what you wish therefore, speeding up the arrival of what you seek to enter into your life. This is also linked to the rule of the universe, “like attracts like,” meaning that where you are at will bring you more of the same. So if you remain in a continued state of gratitude, as if you already have what you want, anything vibrating with that same energy of satisfaction and fulfillment will be drawn to you.

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