Where Are You At, Vibration-ally?


The answer is us. Who we are attracts who we meet.

Is it all right or not? Of course not. I mean we want to believe we are victims. We all would rather have someone to point the finger at for all the cheating, lying and destructive relationships we have gone through. Don’t we?

Love is real and it exists. That image you have in your mind of your ideal boyfriend, or spouse, exists because he exists… somewhere, in this universe. Problem is, where are you energetically? What vibes do you project from your being? Are your core self-beliefs in check? Do you love yourself? Do you have boundaries? Or are you struggling with low self-esteem, crippling sense of self-worth and self-loathing? If the vibration you send into the world is that of hate, for yourself or those around you, what do you expect you will see? If you continue being controlling and nasty to everyone around you, what type of partner will you likely attract? If you carry around with you, memories of betrayal, feelings of inadequacy and past hurts, what version of a partner are you creating with your energy?

Can I tell you a secret? I have not shared this with anyone else. What if I told you, who you are, is who you get? Where you are at in your soul, your ego, your passion, is what your partner will be? Now I know it is not natural to accept that we are culpable.We would like to say we were the good ones and they were the bad guy. This is why we are being told, we don’t only create from our conscious awareness, but we are mostly creating from the parts of ourselves we have not become aware of yet. Our subconscious and unconscious behavior, thought patterns and other hidden stuff we have not yet seen about ourselves, are running this show we call our life.

Enough about what hides beneath the surface… Let us please take a look at how the universe works. The universe senses those things we don’t see about us and responds to them. The circumstances we see are the result of what we can’t see unless we probe and question and observe our patterns of behavior. The universe will not look at your smiling face and send you more reasons to smile, it will look at your energy and if it is a happy one, consistently happy one, you will see the change in the people you meet and in your circumstances. It is little about what we do, and more about what we feel that decides whether we get to have a good day or an awful one.

What you also need to understand is the person you want is there, but the key that unlocks the door to let them into your life, requires you to level up so you can be an energetic match to the person you dream about. In short, simple words, be the person you want to meet, love and commit to. Do you think you would love you and choose to spend the rest of your life with you? If the answer is no, what can you do to change that?

I will give you my own example, I met a guy who was the best, I was convinced he was the one, only to be hurt miserably. The red flags were all over the place from the first meeting, but I thought it was all in my head because everyone else admired how charming, generous and loving he was. I thought I was overthinking. Now, I think about all the times I enabled him. He was a selfish narcissist, who had low self-worth, despite all the admiration he was getting from others. And I was the girl with daddy issues, mommy issues, issues-issues, think of every case of low self-esteem, self-criticizing, self-neglecting kind of scenarios, I was all of that. He thrived in my pain. Played games with my mind. What was worse, was that every time I tried to forget him, he would come right back, win me with a big gesture of affection, then ghost me for the next two or three months. I could not move on. He lied and deceived and sorry was a word that never sounded from his mouth in the multiple times he lied and hurt me. In fact, he manipulated me to say sorry to him, how do you say sorry to someone who should apologize to you? Miraculously, I started loving myself, prioritizing myself, and leveled up so fast and so sudden, that it threw him off. He slowly started fading away from my mind, my heart, and my experience. Where focus goes, energy flows, because I started to focus on what I love and how I feel, the energy he was siphoning from me, like a vampire, was restored to this rightful owner. Now, I see through him like glass, and I wish I had begun the journey of self-love earlier on in my life, I would not even have met him. Do you get what I am saying? Be aware of the frequency you broadcast, because it will respond. Love yourself, and everything you hate will disappear automatically, while everything you love will start to appear in your life, that is the law of the universe.

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