Letter To God

Dear God,

Thank you for the gift of life, for the air I breathe and for coming this far. God you know my innermost desires and the whispers of my heart. I have a dream, or rather dreams which I need your help with to make them come true. Please God help me, put your hand in my life and make everything that I desire to be realized in this 3D reality. I have gone through so much to reach here. All the time, you were by my side, helping me conquer the insurmountable odds that were against me in every phase of my life. The enemy tried to put me down but he failed to keep me down for long because of your powerful intervention lord. I need you now more than ever, for this is an important transition point in my life. I need you to hold my hand and go before me lord. Make right all my affairs lord, for you are the most High God, the most powerful, the one who when he says be and it is.

Lord , do you remember how you sometimes identify a person to shower them with your divine abundance, wealth, excellent health and other bountiful blessings and have their life transform, like a miracle, amazing everyone else who thought they will never make it far in life? Can you please let that lucky person be me this time. Lord I am in need of any blessings you have and are looking for someone to gift them with. I am that person lord. I beg you please consider my humble plea for everything beautiful you want to bestow upon your humble servants, please choose me.

Lord I know my life can get busy and I can forget to remember all the distance I have walked to reach here. I might forget all the times I almost got destroyed but you refused to let my enemies win. I thank you in this moment, for everything you have done for me no matter how tiny. Help me stay grateful , humble, compassionate to others and allow me to share my blessings with those who need them the most. My god, my friend, my loyal companion and confidant, I love you so very much and I know for sure, no matter how much I learn about the universe , no matter the conflicting theories about whether or not you really exist, I know after all of those detours, I will ultimately be loyal to only you. Help bring me back to you. Remind me of you. Call me and I will come running.

Your humble soul having a human experience,


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