A selfless Kind of Love

I always prayed…

God please please please make me so rich and so wealthy so I can be able to help animals and humans all over the world. This is my dream,this is what will give me joy and make me happy.

While I was walking in deep thought on the street,I looked up at a hopeful ray of cloud across the evening sky and imagined what it is that will truly satisfy me. I asked myself, “Zeinab,what it is that makes you want to become wealthy and rich and help animals and the whole world? What is it are you in search of? What does your soul really need? Could it be that you believe in giving and helping others because you would wish to receive that same help and love yourself? If so, should not you be praying, “God please,please send my way lots of selfless love. Let me be a recipient of loyal, faithful and a deep nourishing and nurturing love that will fulfill my heart and heal my wounds?

I felt my heart praying and whispering, I need love to be happy I am looking for a selfless kind of love, love that knows no selfish interests, lies or betrayal. Love that is unlimited by time and space. Where can I find this type of love. Where does it exist, if at all it does? Where does one meet with this kind of blissful love? Is it self-love? If that was the case, would not I be happier since I started loving myself? Why do I feel alone if indeed self love is the greatest love of all as Whitney so declares?

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