How Self-Aware Are You?

I registered for Kain Ramsay’s counselling course at Udemy, and perhaps, this is the best decision I have ever made. The universe took me to this course, before this, I did not even know about Udemy and that there are courses you can take for as low as 17 bucks. The ad on Instagram was quite random as well and I had no idea I was following this site. But here I was, clicking on the link and finding myself quite drawn to register for it right away! And I did.

The course proved to be a gift from the universe wrapped in over 200 lessons, well, about myself! Yes, I always announce how I am on this path of self-awareness and actualization, and here I was, embarking on a journey to better learn about myself and my beliefs, things I might have picked up on from past traumas and what I can do to change the status quo. Could 17 bucks be any more valuable?

The most important ideas throughout the course stuck with me and I feel myself changing my perception and seeing life through a more conscious lens. Remember how I have complained over and over again, about life and how people have criticized me and labeled me, and how damaging that has been to my self worth and self esteem? Well I just realized, that all of that only made me more self aware, and as Kain so puts it, “Self awareness is an important aspect of the psychology of self which helps us understand why we are a certain way, and where we could have gotten our beliefs, behavior and habits from.” So I want to take this opportunity to thank all those people who pointed fingers at me, pointed out my faults, called me names, and all those awfully nasty stuff to me, because of you, I am now more self aware, and I can work to better myself. The world has a funny way of giving you the opposite of what you want so you can get clear about what you really want. Am I making sense? Anyway, this will be a topic for another day. For now, haters, thank you!

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  1. You are making alot of sense.. thumbs up..with self-awareness you will have the ability to focus more on yourself.. you will have a better tool to measure how your actions.. thinking or emotions do or do not fit with your life standards and you can objectively evaluate yourself..manage your emotions..change your behavior to fit with your values..and have a better understanding how others perceive you…


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