You See What Is Inside you

Tenda Wema Uende Zako. (Swahili saying which means do good and walk away.)

My dear readers, it is me again. This time, I have come with an even more valuable lesson. Your girl here only shares from experience, so here goes…

Do not expect anything. From anyone.

Expectations hurt. They are probably responsible for all the depression found in this world.It is safer if you can do someone a favor, and forget about it. Not everyone will treat you with the same regard you have shown them. Not everyone is in a mood to say thank you. People are not you. Period.

I read a post once, which was explaining the universal law of mirroring or reflection and what caught my attention was a statement that said, “Everything is Feedback.” If there is something you do not like about someone, it means it is something you cannot see in yourself which you dislike. This is so hard to fathom. I tried asking myself what don’t I like about myself, every time someone I have treated well throws up all over my kindness. What is it about me that keeps showing up in others. Is there something about me that forgets to appreciate the sincere actions others have extended towards me? Or is it that I have already convinced my mind that people cannot return kindness with kindness? Is it because my mind believes that there are very few people in my life who appreciate what I do for them?

Everything you see in the outside world is what is inside you. This is too unbelievable to grasp with my practical side of my brain. Some people have written books about this single statement.It must be the world’s way of escaping liability for all the ugly we see in each other and in the world at large. I mean, think about it, everyone you meet is like, “It is God’s fault we have Corona and we don’t even have healthcare.” Or you hear things like, “The world is so unfair. How many people are too rich to spend their money in a single lifetime when half of the world is starving?” Now tell me, how many times have we, humans, escaped responsibility for our current state and blamed it on God, the world, people and other things, or somethings, which are not us. Well, this law of reflection exists to shut us all up, I guess. We cannot say it is God, we are going to instead have to look deep inside ourselves to see what core beliefs we are holding about the world and other people, or even about ourselves, that keep attracting unpleasant circumstances into our experience.

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