The Unsolvable Puzzle of Human Interactions-how hard can it be?

I swear to God dealing with other humans is so hard.

Maybe there is something wrong with me, or maybe there is something awfully wrong with other people around me, but this one thing remains to be a time-tested fact of my life, and that is other human beings are difficult enough to keep me wishing I was the only person around me.

I have tried being the sweetheart, the yes girl, the-any-other-thing-which-guarantees-that-people-will-love-you -kind-of-girl and it has been exhausting. You might ask yourself why I need to be loved? Well, don’t we all? Have you tried to live among other humans who are close to you who hate your guts? If you live to tell the tale, you must be grimacing right now from the stream of heartbreaking memories you have been put through;all the nastiness and maliciousness in the world other human beings are capable of doing to another person, are unbelievable! From nasty comments, to spiteful attitude, to patronizing, bullying and character assassination; you will see it all.

Why can’t people just be nice? Why do they have to show their ugly side from time to time? What motivates such spite and hatred?

Carl Rogers believed people are inherently good, they just have bad habits. With all due respect to him, I have found this very hard to prove given the fair share of ugliness I have encountered from others in my few years as a human being. Again, when we talk about treating others with unconditional positive regard, why is it that I find myself the only person I have met who does this? Why is it one-sided? If the law of mirroring in the universe is true, it should be that if I treat others well and hold positive feelings for them, they should reciprocate the same and mirror my positive state of being, or am I wrong? You attract what you are, what you think manifests, this and that… I am having quite a difficult time navigating through all the things I have learnt in my journey of self-actualization and self-love, and all the shit that is being thrown all over my experience from time to time. Is there a rule book that can guide and predict human behavior and guarantee if you do this, then the other person is guaranteed to do this? Someone help me understand.

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