What if Our Divine Purpose is Not to Do but to Become

Ever wondered what your life purpose is? I have. Many times. The answer: Well, not so straightforward! There were days I thought I was brought to this world to help vulnerable children, some times I thought I was definitely born to be a writer and influence the world with my words (Well, what do you think?), and on those other occasions, when I spent more time in other worlds, I thought I was an alien brought to experience this human life, how else would you explain my obsession with other forms of life somewhere in undiscovered dimensions of space and time? What if there is a world where humans are animals and animals are humans? No wonder I try to be kind to my cat, NamNam and to all those donkeys I see on the streets, you never know NamNam could easily become my owner in another world. Heck! I even find myself saying, thank you, and please and I am sorry to my cat and excuse me please to a donkey who has blocked my path. One cannot be too careful!

The point is, there are so many things, sometimes confusing, which we can attribute our life meaning to. But what if the whole point of purpose and meaning in one’s life is all about becoming your authentic self, which authors of books on reincarnation claim you have forgotten when you came to this life? What if, in realizing your true self, as you grow and learn and expand your understanding of who you are, your true essence as a soul, you are fulfilling your life purpose? Does it make sense?

In theology, philosophy and other related disciplines, the very first question one is naturally inclined to ask is, “Who am I?” why am I here? Is there a God? Why do I need to wear clothes? and all those other very important questions we ask ourselves at one or several points in our life, come later. Think about it, every important stage in our life prompts us to get to know ourselves first in order to understand and know someone else. Every relationship we have, whether it has the potential to thrive or not, depends on how much we have learned about ourselves;only after a person has known who they are, are they capable of truly knowing someone else.

When I think about God, the universe or whoever it is who created life, I believe he did not just sit down in his human factory and say: Now you go cure the sick , or Now you go bury the dead, I would like to believe he was more subtle than that. He probably would say something like this, Now go live your life and in so doing, discover yourself and find peace. Anyway, that is just my take on the whole life purpose thing, what do you think?

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  1. Another very interesting topic..I think that our purpose is to find happiness.. to love others.. to try our best to become the best version of ourselves..to have a spiritual time with God through Prayers.
    In my view i think, our purpose in life is to live your life and be proud of it. Feel like a king or queen of yourself..love yourself and taking care of ones health so that one can live a long and happy life.. Helping the needy and using time with the people you love..

    The societal life we are living in is only possible when there is a communal understanding.. love and harmony.. the brotherhood feeling..


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