Seeing Life Through the Heart

Let me tell you a secret.

Life is energy. Your thoughts are energy. Beliefs you hold dear to your heart are energy. What you believe you manifest into your reality. Take a moment to let this sink in. When was the last time you believed your life sucks and you started seeing evidence to prove your point? Because you believed your life is hopeless, suddenly, everything you looked at started responding to that belief;In other words, you noticed all the wrong things in your life. And because you were broadcasting ” hopelessness, sadness, desperation and “oh the world should just end ” frequencies, life only got worse.

Now think about this other example, say one day you got called to a job interview and on your way you kept saying to yourself, “I will get this job.” “I am already chosen.” “The boss will favor me, the world favors me, I am lucky and good opportunities always come to me.” You will experience resistance at first, because your mind is used to believing only the worst. But as you repeat and repeat after yourself and using all your imagination, as you walk down that path to the office, you imagine the happiness and the joy which will overcome you at finding out you got the job, the likelihood of you getting that job only increases. Why? Obviously, you will walk into that interview with confidence, an enthusiastic positive attitude, self-belief and assurance, all of which are energies coming off of you into the room, and the person you are meeting will not fail to sense all of that goodness. That person will think twice before dismissing you for the job. The more spiritual explanation would be, because you kept believing, you kept manifesting getting that job. As Abraham through Esther Hicks said, “If you hold a thought for 17 seconds without distracting yourself from it, it will come true.” Do you want to account for all your thoughts in the last 10 minutes? What will you find? Good or bad or just same same old?

If you believe the universe provides you with everything you need, that is exactly what will happen. If you allow yourself to receive abundance from the universe you will get just that and more. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you are energy. your mind is the broadcaster of your energy. Make sure you feed into that frequency only good in order to experience only the best. Please start being conscious of what goes on in your mind. Start taking into account your ineer dialogue. Do you tell yourself nasty things about yourself such as “You are selfish.” whenever you decide to show yourself some love and attention. Do you criticize yourself? Do you judge yourself harshly? What is your conversation about yourself when you look into the mirror? Do you say, “My God you created such beauty like never seen before,” “I love you beautiful person.” Or do you go to say, ” Oh my God I hate my double chin.” “when am I ever going to lose weight?”

Do you get what I am saying?

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  1. Very beautiful and encouraging article.. yes I got what you are saying.. very true..Believing in yourself is more about discovering who you are..being acquainted with your life values..and have positive thinking that you yourself is important such that you are not denying yourself the chance to try and do something with your life…It does not promise success but It’s a very important tool that helps you flourish and benefit you in recognising your ability to accomplish goals. ​You become more optimistic about the future as you set goals and thrive to achieve them…You tend to believe you can do anything…


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