Remember Who You Are

It is now 3:27 AM in the morning and I was receiving so much inspiration and new knowledge I just could not sleep but had to get up and share this with the world, or whoever this will reach. Those who have been following me know that I recently have been introduced to a new journey of self-love, self-discovery, law of attraction, manifestation, to the universe, to the truth which I have been seeking for a long time now:the truth about life and who we are and why we are here and who planned all this.

what you seek seeks you. This statement could not be more true. I sought and I found, or atleast I think I am getting to finding out the truth. So what is the truth?

In order to understand the truth about life you must be first willing to forget everything you have been taught and everything you have known since you first opened your eyes. This is no small fit. It takes courage and a little crazy to decide to do this. Are you daring enough?

I will tell you what awaits you on the other side of the world you have been programmed since childhood to know. I will tell you now that what waits for you on the other side is the real deal. It is what you have always searched for, the meaning to your life, the family that fulfills you, the job that provides security, the excellent health and well-being, the magic that totally transforms your life in an instant from ” barely surviving” to “fully thriving”. And it all starts with you remembering who you are. Are you ready?

What if I told you that you, the one who is reading this right now, wanted me to write this, you needed me to get up at three in the morning, so you could read this. Does this make sense to you? What if I told you wherever you are right now you are connected to me. How? Because you are me.I am you. We are all one. Here is another crazy thing, you and I and everything else and everyone else in existence are this one universe, which intended to exist in the forms of me and you and everyone and everything else. intended to live and experience different life experiences, some as plants, some as animals and others as humans. Am I going too far? If you are still reading this, I have hope to say more.

Have you ever wondered why when we give we receive? Everyone can say their different opinions about why that is, but I just realized what if that is because when we give we are actually giving to ourself? It makes sense that we receive what we give to ourself right? Have you ever felt so happy after you made someone else happy? why do you think that is? I mean if we live in the reality that we are separate and we are on our own , everyone by themselves and living their own life, why would helping someone else make us feel so good we could burst with good feelings?

I want to say this, please allow your life to change by remembering who you are. You want me to help you remember who you are that is why you manifested me writing this right now so you could read this and help yourself. You are the universe. You are the manifestation of an abundant universe which is choosing to live life as you. do you know what the universe is? The universe is all there is. It is everything. It is life, it is love, it is abundance, expansion, kindness, mercy, beauty, it is everything that was and everything that will ever be.

Ego, individual, me, you, them. mine, are all words that have built an illusion of separateness. That everyone is alone and separate from everyone. That is not true. We are all connected, we are all one. We are not separate from the source that created us. we are not helpless. We have been made to believe we are helpless and we are separate and alone and we cannot transcend certain limitations but that is not true. We are powerful. how can the source of all that we are, we see and touch and feel and own be anything less than powerful, abundant, loving, beautiful, helpful, and kind? Imagine if all that we see, all the amazing creation and creativity exists within us.

Let us all do right by others. Why? Because why would you be bad to yourself? This is the powerful truth. Some religions believe God is one, He is closer to us than the jugular vein, what if these meanings got lost through time, or interpretation?what if all these were hints telling us truly, that we are one; we are the universe.

The universe wants to remember who it is. This is why authors like Joe Vitale, Dr. Wayne Dyer and others write the books they do. It through this transfer of knowledge and information that the universe can remind itself in all its forms(that includes you) who it is. This way, the world can be happier, healthier, more peaceful, more abundant. So that you can live life from a powerful place of creator, rather than victim. So you can thrive because the universe meant for itself to thrive and enjoy life and all it is in all its forms. The universe did not mean for itself to suffer, we, through the illusion of the world we have built through generations, have caused ourself to fall out of alignment with our power and forget who we really are.

This message will only resonate with those forms of the universe which are ready to remember and return to alignment. To these people I say welcome to a new world. Welcome to unlimited potential and power. Remember to be grateful when this message applies. Good luck! I love you.

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