Just a young woman, writing about happiness

I know the kind of life I wanna live. I know what makes me happy and I can see it now more clearly than ever before!

happiness for me is reading a good book. It has always been my elixir for any pain, my escape from any stress, my medicine to my loneliness. Life has never been better than when I sit in a corner somewhere in a quiet room, all by myself, with my nose deep into my book, and my mind and heart somewhere in Andalusia, feeding my sheep, or living with my native american bae learning Apache and living high up on a mountain top. I smile always when I recall with nostalgia, my reading adventures. There is a whole other world out there and only readers can enjoy and busk in its adventures and ecstacy.

What makes you happy? Do you even know? If you were granted three wishes right now, apart from not catching Corona Virus, what will be your desire? what is your dream? What makes you bathe in warm joy? Sometimes, in order to keep on going in this world, we are taken over by events,worries, fears, and our realities, and we forget that happiness is a basic need. Happiness should be strived for, fought over just as much as we struggle to survive.

The question is, are you bold enough? Are you willing to give up everything else to live your dream life? Are you ready now, to just decide to leave everything behind and walk away to new-found freedom where you cane be whoever you want to be and live however you desire? What is stopping us from being ourselves, our true, innermost selves? What else is worth living for if we cannot live for ourselves? Is the illusion you have built around for yourself, draining your soul of energy, joy and warmth, worth sustaining ; is it worth keeping for the long haul? Are you not bored of living a mundane life, which is far away from the life you want, as far away as the Indian Ocean is from Space? Aren’t you tired of compromising your higher self , for everything else and everyone else, ultimately, sacrificing your innermost joy? When will you wake up and start living the life you have always had envisioned in your mind? Are you scared?

We fail when we compare our lives to others’. We fall down on our faces when we make choices that do not align with what our soul desires and needs in order to be happy. I will give you an example of my life.

I am a young woman who is trying to find her next step in life. I have done almost all the DO’S we are told if followed, we are granted success and a good life in the future. I worked hard to get an education, was a good student most of the times, sat and passed my college exams, failed some and duly retook them, I never cheated once in any of my exams and tried my best to get along with my crazy family. What I have accomplished to this moment comes from my perseverance and endurance throughout all the times I failed, fell, was frustrated and defeated.All through my life, I have always known in the deepest parts of my heart, that I would not be happy if I married someone who was not compatible with me. But this did not stop me from almost making the worst mistake of my life and marrying someone with whom compatibility was negative a million, if such a thing exists. One choice, and I would have written my desti9nyt for the rest of my future. One decision, and I would have not been in a chair, close to midnight, behind a screen, doing what brings me the best joy. I would have sacrificed my dream, the life I envisioned for myself ever since I learned to speak and write well. An extraordinary, inspiring life, full of adventures from millions of pages, some adventures I would enjoy in real time, while having the freedom to travel the world by myself, enjoying, exploring, and being inspired by other worlds all over the world. We all make the same decisions, everyday, that completely alter our worlds, and takes us where we will never find our way back to our true selves again. If you enjoy your own company, like myself, should you succumb to the pressure of coupling up, just because everyone else is? If you are happy galivanting around the world by yourself, and completely enjoying the thrill that comes from exploring new places by yourself, Should you have to settle for vacation tours that require per person sharing? Is there any reason why you cannot choose the life you want to live and not care what anyone else has to say or think about it?

If someone asked me what happiness is, I would reply with, Happiness is completely being immersed in a good book, while seated in a cottage somewhere surrounded by trees, a lake, a river or a waterfall, breathing in fresh air and being able to get inspired by my natural surroundings. Happiness for me is having an inexhaustible library of endless rows of books and novels, taking a book each day in my hands and knowing for a fact that it is going to introduce me to a whole new universe, a whole new world, changing me bit by bit from the first to the last page. Happiness is having the freedom and the means to travel around the world, learning, exploring, discovering, new forms of inspiration, seeing the world with fresh eyes everyday. Happiness is self discovery, actualization and growth. Happiness for me is a life well-lived, reading, writing and traveling.

At least, I know what I will say for my three wishes if I find a magic lamp in a mysterious cave and if I get there first before Alladin!

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