The Tale of My Mum and My Speaker Wires

Phones rings…

“Hi mom d.o y.o.u e.a.t my speaker wires?”


“Check your drawer it is full of wires.”

I roll my eyes,”Mom I have checked everywhere: the wardrobe,drawers,boxes, stands, anything that can hold something but I could not find my speaker wire.”

Silence,and then…

“Well I cannot remember where I kept it. How does it look like again?”


I bought a speaker recently,but I have not enjoyed it fully because I keep losing my speaker wire. By speaker wire,I mean that peace of wire with two metal thingies on one end and one on the other. You connect one end to the input port behind the speaker and the other end to your phone or tv.

The very first unfortunate wire was lost the moment I kept it on the refrigerator. Okay my bad! I shouldn’t have put it where it didn’t belong. On those rare occasions when my compulsive mom visits my place, and finds it upside down,my speaker wire is among those things that mysteriously disappear everytime she pays me a visit. A victim of neatness and orderliness. I would rather live in a pile of garbage of my own making but atleast know where my stuff is. Infact, I don’t mind living with my stuff all squeezed into one room, it only helps with easier access.

I had to buy another wire. This time I made sure to hide it in between my clothes in the wardrobe thinking, rather stupidly I must admit, that my mom’s hands couldn’t reach it.

I came back from school to find out she had rearranged my wardrobe and I searched every inch of my wardrobe for my wire but it was nowhere to be seen.

Have you ever felt so desperately angry because you were looking for something that you urgently needed that very moment but could not find it anywhere?

I think my mom is an alien who eats wires. Seriously,I am not ruling out that possibility yet. You think you know someone only for you to find out you really don’t. That is what happened in Hancock the movie. The guy with the kid who married the blonde lady could not even imagine she was a god.

My speaker wire, come back to mommy!

2 thoughts on “The Tale of My Mum and My Speaker Wires

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  1. Sorry..hahaha…I am sure the speaker wire you meant the aux cable..nice article it’s funny..dont know to laugh with you or cry with you…i hope it finds its way back to mommy…poor speaker wire..😂😂

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