Who Will Be MY Nick Jonas?

Dear Priyanka Chopra,

My heartfelt congratulations to you and Nick for tying the knot. If anyone had said that my all-time favorite bollywood actress would end up meeting and falling in love with Nick Jonas, from the other side of -llywood, I would have found it impossible to picture in my mind. But oh well! That is just the bitterly-realistic,overly- pessimistic black-and-white me!I have never been a dreamer! My mind has always thought that I was probably going to end up marrying a towny from my own town, a distant cousin fifth removed or someone I had always passed by while going to the market but just did not notice.

Dear Priyanka,is it the clear and strong lines on your palm( which I was only too happy to notice in one of your wedding photos) that gave you this marvelous hunk for a husband?Or perhaps your rasi and navamsa astrology charts destined you with a joyous royal wedding?

I have developed a curiousity for finding out about people’s destinies. All these mysteries surrounding the person we will marry or the one true love of our life intrigue me! Who decides to bring certain people in our lives? There is so much philosophy on the same subject but I have always wanted to predict the unknown.

Back at home, the elders say that husbands are already chosen for us since the day we were born; that whoever we are destined to marry will absolutely end up marrying us. While others believe that 100% percent of the time, the ones we love don’t end up marrying us for some reason; we end up marrying someone we never expected to in the first place! The latter rings true for the obvious reason that my dad came from one totally different world and met my mum in a completely bizarre and unexpected way. Had my mum told anyone she would end up marrying my dad, people,including my critically realistic self,would have thought she was bananas!

Therefore,my question is, where is my Nick Jonas? And how do I know if I will marry a Nick Jonas int he first place or my neighbor across the street instead?

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