Everything you do to others, is a debt to be paid at a later date

It is so easy to forget.

Yes,we forget all the things we did. Especially the bad things. But guess who never forgets? Karma!

You are crying one rainy night, drenching your pillow with your tears, secretly sobbing into it so no one notices you? You wonder what you might have done to deserve such pain?The heartbreak is too much such that you think perhaps in your past life you must have committed a crime too heinous to deserve such treatment from someone you love unconditionally? That’s Karma for you, for me, and for all of us.

Sometimes I feel like when God cast Adam to Earth from heaven, he needed to make sure the generations of human beings Adam and Eve were going to create, would not screw each other up! And if they ever did, Karma was created so that accountability our actions was guaranteed. That is how the saying ,”What goes around comes around” came about. In God’s defence, we needed Karma to ensure that we did not step on each other’s toes and got away with it; to keep us watchful of our behaviour and how it affected others around us, Karma was a must have.

There are two types of Karma. One that is instant and happens every time you f**** someone up who did not deserve it,and the other one transcends beyond into the next life time and the next one after that. However, since we live in the today and now, I am more interested in the Instant Karma.

Instant Karma is the staunchest of teachers out there. She will punish you severely. She is ever watchful of every minute thing you ever do. She keeps a record of your actions and she serves them back to you one shovel-ful at a time. She does not care that you will choke on all that she serves you, she will not wipe your mouth or put a bib on you. She will feed you until you can’t take it anymore, until you realize you could never ever put anyone through that pain ever again, because you know it all too well!

Always be mindful of your actions. Never think excuses of your current circumstances justify how you treat other’s. You made someone cry all night, you will cry all night as well. It does not have to be tomorrow, or the day after. It will happen when you least expect; when you never saw it coming. Let us mind our actions because Karma is a b****

“Mr. Right Now”As I wait for Mr. Right

In all romantic relationships we must distinguish whether the person we are with is the one we have been waiting for our entire lives or just another frog we have to kiss through a throng of frogs in Frogsville Island.

Sometimes it feels like the men we date are relentlessly just for right now. It leaves us wondering, “where the heck is our Mr. Right?”, ” How much more frog-mono( mono, caused by kissing all those frogs) should we as dating women have to endure before we finally find our perfect soulmate?”.

Life makes us choose over and over again between sheer solitude, which is the result of being single forever, and settling for Mr. Right Now. This is the dilemma single women all over the world are faced with.

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