Riddle Riddle,the more you seek it , the further it runs from you

I have made an outstanding realization. The more I chase after and worry over my present life or my future, the worse things become. I even lose sleep. I find myself constantly disappointed such that I begin to feel hopeless and depressed.

The secret to a happy, fulfilled life is to strive for a higher meaning, to transcend human needs. Reach for things beyond the physical. I know to some of you I might be sounding like those monks who dedicated their lives to meditation and solitude but on the contrary, I am advocating for a harmonius balance between excessive worry over worldly things and complete and utter abstinance from interacting with the physical world. I tell you today that there are things in life which you cannot see or touch that you absolutely need in order for you to be truly happy. When you realize this, life will make so much sense to you personally.So, where do we begin?

Faith. Start looking for something that makes you believe. If soldiers did not have faith in their cause, they would never have been able to give their all in order to defend their nations. If faith was inconsequential, why is a statement under oath in a court of law more credible than an affirmation in lieu of oath?

If you build on your faith, whatever it may be, you will find that life is easier, makes more sense and you will find that the things you need come to you without your having to fight for them. If you choose to only please God, and nothing or no one else, you will find that the things you want in life come to you in bulk. It makes me recall something I have heard about faith, that we are in this world to worship God. Now it all makes sense. This is the grander philosophy of life the realization of which will make you understand life and its purpose. If we choose to forsake this enlightening fact, we only do so at our own detriment. Life never existed to be its own purpose. Life existed so we can pursue another more significant and lasting ambition. Live your life, pursue your goals, but remember in the back of your mind that all your actions, ambitions, if they are pursued within the grand objective of worshipping God and putting faith first, then the world will come to you. You will find that all major religions in one way or another advocate for awareness of things beyond the physical and while some go way into extremes through total separation from worldly life, there is a healthy balance found in Islam which I have found to be immensely helpful in my life. Islam means submission to the will of God. What that means to me, is that if I stop focusing on the whys and how tos of life, I would attain peace of mind and my heart would be content with my life. This way, I live in hope, hope that my life will run according to Gods plan for me. And He doesnt let down those who hope in Him.

The more you make this world your priority, the more it evades you. However, if you make faith in God and pleasing him your ultimate goal in life, the world will come to you in a lasting, continuous flow of blessings and wishes come true.

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