The Launch of the First Plastic Boat Ever

I feel like we are making history in this journey of Plastic Revolution.

#flipflopiexpedition, #firstplasticboatever,#PlasticRevolution

Today, I am proud to say that Lamu Old Town, my hometown, gets on the news for something ingenious and revolutionary: the making of the first plastic boat ever!

I am on the ground, witnessing the making of history in the Plastic Revolution,among throngs of reporters, foreigners and local people of Lamu. It is indeed a sight to behold! The boat builder, my uncle, Ali Abdalla Skanda comes from a family of “Firsts”: his late father, Abdalla Skanda was the first person to build carved furniture in his workshop in Lamu. Therefore, as they say the apple does not fall far from the tree, his son, follows in his steps by making a first also, in the advent of Plastic Revolution!

Meet the guy behind this incredible achievement!

Twenty tonnes of plastic rubbish floating in the Indian Ocean was collected to build this boat!Amazing right?

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