Ticket For One Please

Last time I went on a Masai Mara Safari I had such a difficult time finding the right tour package for me because I wanted to go by myself whereas, almost 99.9% of Safari packages are priced at the rate of “per person sharing”, whatever that meant!
It does not seem fair to me to impose such steep single supplement against el solo solitario because for some reason there is an unwritten and unspoken universal law that it takes two to tango their way into vacations!Why? Did single people all over the world die or something?Singles can go on vacations too and we do not need to be reminded of our single status every time we go online to look up tour packages in Kenya or abroad.
I have never felt more at peace and refreshed than when I go on trips alone. Not every one enjoys noisy rides or useless banter during drives. Some of us find solace only when we listen to the sound of our own breathing and reflect on meaningful, fundamental things in our lives that we have previously achieved and aspire to accomplish in the near future.
To me traveling is about feeling the moment. Random gossip about other tourists you have met who rubbed you the wrong way simply by being ridiculously jaw-dropping gorgeous and slim, RUB ME THE WRONG WAY! I want HAPPY THOUGHTS!HAPPY THOUGHTS PEOPLE! Is it so much to ask?
Because I am wise( ahem ahem), I realize that I can by no means control the absurdity, that is people’s incessant need for incredulous gossip, I therefore, choose to abstain from any unnecessary groupings or companionship during my vacation tours. I have recently discovered that I have very low tolerance for aimless chit chat with which people who have too much time and too little to do are known for. In my ears, idle story telling is like getting on a bus and going in circles! You get nowhere and learn zero things! Now imagine investing your time and money on a trip only for you to spend the next five hours stuck in a moving box with people who shamelessly talk about so many non-specific things, from the breakfast they had that morning to how their little brother accidentally slid and fell on a banana peel ten years ago;It is sheer abuse of auditory and sensory organs and a reckless backlog of plastic paper info that the brain is forced to insufferably record and process!
Therefore, after much thought, I hereby implore all you tour operators and companies to make your tour packages more single-person-friendly!

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