Why Do We Need Clothes?

I had not done laundry for almost two weeks and I was running out of clean clothes to wear. I glared at the dark, foreboding, sky every morning wishing that the fierceness in my glare could pierce through the heavy,  dark grey clouds and fish out the sun. I needed the sun so desperately to shine bright because it meant dry laundry. Hanging clothes in the rain is no fun at all!

For some reason, every time I thought was the right time to do laundry, it poured with such ferocity I thought the clouds had a personal vendetta against me. How I wish I had magic powers to wish away rain when it suited me!

One day it dawned on me, “why do we need clothes?” I thought the person who started this whole “clothes” thing was responsible for this trouble I find myself in. I mean if God meant for us to be clothed we would be born dressed up in something! Being born naked  and choosing to go against the natural order of things by insisting we wear clothes is proof that humans cann’t help  but complicate matters!

God hates complicating our lives. He wants things simple. Yes, I speak for Him (AHEM!). I would not want to make life tougher for humans who cannot do laundry on rainy days if I were God. They should totally  have the option of walking around comfortably in their birthday suits when it suits them!

Wearing clothes is not only inconvenient and a demanding affair, but it is expensive as well. How is that homeless guy on the streets ever going to afford multiple clothes? Clothes is the least of his concerns and rightly so.

I was passionately stating my legitimate concerns out loud about  needing to wear  any clothes when my friend remarked, ” Why don’t you take your clothes off and walk naked then?”. I am sure you agree with her but I would just like to say that I cannot change history. Unless I could meet the troublemaker who made the first dress in the world and somehow convince them to forego their ambition, more money is going to continue getting wasted over clothes and washing machines! When the planet ends up buried under piles of clothes because an avalanche of clothes collapsed on the surface of Earth, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

3 thoughts on “Why Do We Need Clothes?

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  1. I honestly hate clothing. If I could wander around naked I totally would. I have a long term chronic disease that gives me a condition called allodynia. This is basically when you feel pain from something that shouldn’t be painful at all, such as a very light touch. Even smoke or a mild breeze on my skin is agony. So much of my time indoors, I simply am unable to wear clothes. It hurts too much. 😦


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