Ticket For One Please

Last time I went on a Masai Mara Safari I had such a difficult time finding the right tour package for me because I wanted to go by myself whereas, almost 99.9% of Safari packages are priced at the rate of “per person sharing”, whatever that meant!
It does not seem fair to me to impose such steep single supplement against el solo solitario because for some reason there is an unwritten and unspoken universal law that it takes two to tango their way into vacations!Why? Did single people all over the world die or something?Singles can go on vacations too and we do not need to be reminded of our single status every time we go online to look up tour packages in Kenya or abroad.
I have never felt more at peace and refreshed than when I go on trips alone. Not every one enjoys noisy rides or useless banter during drives. Some of us find solace only when we listen to the sound of our own breathing and reflect on meaningful, fundamental things in our lives that we have previously achieved and aspire to accomplish in the near future.
To me traveling is about feeling the moment. Random gossip about other tourists you have met who rubbed you the wrong way simply by being ridiculously jaw-dropping gorgeous and slim, RUB ME THE WRONG WAY! I want HAPPY THOUGHTS!HAPPY THOUGHTS PEOPLE! Is it so much to ask?
Because I am wise( ahem ahem), I realize that I can by no means control the absurdity, that is people’s incessant need for incredulous gossip, I therefore, choose to abstain from any unnecessary groupings or companionship during my vacation tours. I have recently discovered that I have very low tolerance for aimless chit chat with which people who have too much time and too little to do are known for. In my ears, idle story telling is like getting on a bus and going in circles! You get nowhere and learn zero things! Now imagine investing your time and money on a trip only for you to spend the next five hours stuck in a moving box with people who shamelessly talk about so many non-specific things, from the breakfast they had that morning to how their little brother accidentally slid and fell on a banana peel ten years ago;It is sheer abuse of auditory and sensory organs and a reckless backlog of plastic paper info that the brain is forced to insufferably record and process!
Therefore, after much thought, I hereby implore all you tour operators and companies to make your tour packages more single-person-friendly!

I Got Burned, Ouch

I never learn my lesson.

I fell for this guy in my class and what drew me to him was his voice. Yes he spoke with such a sexy voice I could not help but be smitten. It did not help that he was wonderfully eloquent and masterfully fluent in english. I melted under his every word and gaze. I coud not even look at him in the eye when he talked to me and I would tremble and my tongue would freeze. I managed to successfully embarass myself infront of him any times than I could count. I did not realize that I was falling for this guy. To me, I thought maybe I was grossly intimidated by his intelligence and that was why I would melt under his words and voice. Unbeknownst to me, the pitter patter of my heartbeat was a signal that cupid, one lazy afternoon had decided he should unleash an award-winning kind of dramatic love and he would so much delight in such a sight!

I died everytime I saw him or heard his name mentioned out loud. I needed to do something because the torture was so bad, it warranted the enactment of its own Act in the Kenya Laws Database.

I needed to tell him as much as I needed to breath- something which I forgot to do everytime I saw him at school. If I were my parents at the time, I would demand a fees refund from the school because technically speaking, I was not benefiting from any of the classes. How could someone affect me so much? I barely knew this person from outside the school walls. How can a partial acquientance have so much power over my mind, my thoughts, and my voluntary skeletal muscles movement? It just did not mae sense to me.

Gods of all crush-attacked heplessly-in-love girls, please rid me of this turmoil I am facing.

I went to the student hostels one evening, swearing that I would not sleep until the object of my affection knew my feelings for him. Snap! I wish there was a huge volcano right then that forced emergency evacuation to another planet and I would not have to see him again, because it would take a thousand years later to build Kenyatta University School of Law on Mars. Or that phone service all over the world went off because aliens invaded the Earth and in so doing disabled all our communications indefinitely. By sending that confession text I did something tremendously damaging to my self esteem and my poor heart that even World Wars could not hypothetically speaking, hurt me so. I was flat out rejected, and brutally so, so much that masters of unrequited love all over the world closed down their organisation: UnrequitedLove.org, for good! They did not think the pain inflicted on me was worth it! I became a warning to the entire world and to whoever thought of even coughing in the same room with their crush, to swallow that cough and push it down even at the risk of suffocating to death, because that was better than attracting the attention of their crush.

Never ever confess! Please for the sake of the continuity of human species on this Earth, do not tell a guy you like them, not for all the cheese burgers in the world!

Bridges Not Walls by John Stewart

If each human perceives the world in his or her own way, then I can communicate only with my perception of you; I can never really get in touch with you. All I can do, when it comes right down to it, is communicate with myself!

I was hooked by this statement. Stewart’s philosophy of communication is that we need to put away our perception of other people if we wish to communicate effectively with them.His philosophy in his book makes me think that had everyone known this fact about themselves, and the notions they create in their minds about other people, then they would be careful to avoid seeing the person they are communicating with a certain way, because they would know that letting perceptive prejudice get in the way is to impair any understanding on their part.

I guess what is different in this book as compared to other books on effective communication techniques is the modus operandi with which the book was written. Stewart explains  in his introduction that his book was going to be more philosophical than technical because philosophy intrigues him as much as communication does. So he somehow wonderfully finds a philosophy behind his techniques in communication;he does this expertly well and this is the reason why I found this particular book interesting.

The part of this book that spoke to me the most was on “Suspending Assumptions”. Stewart explains that when people come together to talk or discuss something, they refrain from forcing their views on others. In a dialogue setting, people can explore new angles to their views. In other words, dialogues encourage paradigm shift. 

I believe that an emotionally  and socially intelligent person realizes that in order to have a meaningful conversation with another person and be able to make a connection with them is if they put aside their perception or attitude about this particular person they are talking to , including putting aside other people’s attitudes about that person as well. Infact, you can tell if a conversation between two people is highly likely to go south simply by observing the attitude of either of the people engaged in that conversation. If either of the people come into  the conversation with prejudice about the other person they are talking with, then whatever is said does not convey the real message because what the other is hearing is basically being actively interpreted in light of pre existing perception of the other person.

So to have meaningful conversations with others you need to act as if you are meeting that person for the first time each time. You stand a risk of failing to communicate effectively when you paint the person’s words using the brush of your own views about them.

Henry Jones’s Opinion on Browning’s Philosophy Of Life: Part 1

I so want to base this article’s title on Browning, but I must say that reading his book, “Browning As A Philosophical And Religious Teacher“, I found Jones’ voice to be so powerful while he expressed his view on science’s absolute disregard for a philosophy of life or for religion and morals on the basis of unreasonableness and poetry and philosophy’s attempt to provide a uniting wholeness to life and the Universe at large, that to do justice to him, I must make the title about him instead.

Henry Jones starts off his book by explaining how Browning’s poems spoke about morality and religion and how that made him a “prophet” during his time. Jones was so impressed by Browning’s poetry that he so boldly dared to say:

He(Browning) has a right to a place amongst philosophers, as Plato has to a place amongst poets.

According to Jones, Browning’s view of life, which was expressed by his poetry was based on love:

Love yielded to him(Browning) as Reason did to Hegel, a fundamental exposition to the nature of things.

The most important part about his book to me was when he started answering the question, why the world needs a philosophy of life. Jones knows that the common opinion held by many is that poetry and religion cannot be mixed together with critical thinking and investigation. However, he challenges this belief because his book is about finding truth in poetry, in this case Browning’s poetry. Jones admits that while it might be difficult to view spiritual beliefs in light of rational thinking, it does not justify completely making impossible the idea that faith can stand the test of rationality. Jones is hopeful that in faith, religion and morality, a purpose of life can be found, which science failed to find:

Poetry and religion may, afterall, be truer then prose, and have something to tell the world that science, which is often ignorant of its own limits, cannot teach.

Jones discusses that science provided varied and unconnected facts without trying to view these facts as a whole or in other words, science failed to connect the dots between the existence of one thing in relation to all other things in the Universe. There is no wholeness to science since science is comfortable to provide a formula to one thing and not worry itself about how that one thing might be interconnected by other things all of which are guided by guiding principles which he called,”highest principles.” Science fails to interpet the world in the light of these highest princples. Jones states:

…there is no interpretation of an object which does not finally point to a theory of being. We understand no joint or ligament, except in relation to the whole organism, and no fact, or event, except by finding a place for it in the context of our experience.The history of the pebble can be given, only in the light of the story of the earth, as it is told by the whole of geology.

Jones totally believes that all our knowledge hinges on the belief that all things constitute one world, one orderly kosmos. He says that poetry and philosophy have always acknowledged this idea of wholeness just as religion has.

Jones points out that skepticism appears “…when the sense of the presence of the whole in the particular facts of the world and of life has been dulled.” Jones hypothesis is that the sense of the presence of the whole in the particular facts of the world and of life needs to be maintained otherwise philosophy will become useless, poetry will be “a vain sentiment and religion a delusion.” Jones believes that science and ordinary knowledge will eventually suffer the same fate.

To be continued in part 2.

Why Do We Need Clothes?

I had not done laundry for almost two weeks and I was running out of clean clothes to wear. I glared at the dark, foreboding, sky every morning wishing that the fierceness in my glare could pierce through the heavy,  dark grey clouds and fish out the sun. I needed the sun so desperately to shine bright because it meant dry laundry. Hanging clothes in the rain is no fun at all!

For some reason, every time I thought was the right time to do laundry, it poured with such ferocity I thought the clouds had a personal vendetta against me. How I wish I had magic powers to wish away rain when it suited me!

One day it dawned on me, “why do we need clothes?” I thought the person who started this whole “clothes” thing was responsible for this trouble I find myself in. I mean if God meant for us to be clothed we would be born dressed up in something! Being born naked  and choosing to go against the natural order of things by insisting we wear clothes is proof that humans cann’t help  but complicate matters!

God hates complicating our lives. He wants things simple. Yes, I speak for Him (AHEM!). I would not want to make life tougher for humans who cannot do laundry on rainy days if I were God. They should totally  have the option of walking around comfortably in their birthday suits when it suits them!

Wearing clothes is not only inconvenient and a demanding affair, but it is expensive as well. How is that homeless guy on the streets ever going to afford multiple clothes? Clothes is the least of his concerns and rightly so.

I was passionately stating my legitimate concerns out loud about  needing to wear  any clothes when my friend remarked, ” Why don’t you take your clothes off and walk naked then?”. I am sure you agree with her but I would just like to say that I cannot change history. Unless I could meet the troublemaker who made the first dress in the world and somehow convince them to forego their ambition, more money is going to continue getting wasted over clothes and washing machines! When the planet ends up buried under piles of clothes because an avalanche of clothes collapsed on the surface of Earth, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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