Things Are A little Too Bipolar

I mean no offence to people all over the world who have bipolar disorder.I am speaking strictly from the view point of a daughter of a mother who suffers from BD.

It seems to me that most articles and medical journails mainly focus on the people with BD instead of people who live with those having BD.

In my humblest opinion, I believe that family of BD sufferers are the most affected. In fact, they are more affected during the pre-diagnosis stage whereby they have no idea why their loved one is a deranged maniac.

The drama, the highs and lows reach a point where they become too much. In fact, statistics say that affected members of the family are highly likely to develop depression and anxiety from the severe stress they are exposed to while dealing with the manic episodes and emotional outbursts of people with BD.

Emotional abuse, manipulation, and sheer irresponsibility for how they torture those around them make them more subjects of blame than of pity.

It is hard to feel sorry for someone who has caused you more sorrow and trauma than two world wars combined!

If people with BD cause those around them such unimaginable harm, then why do they get a free pass just because they are mentally troubled? Who is the victim here? It is unreasonable to expect someone whose life has been ruined by living with a person with BD, to continue to forego their emotional and physical wellbeing for the sake of an illness that hurts them more than the person who was diagnosed with it.

If you ask me, it seems like people with BD enjoy the drama. They seem to look for it in every word said or comment made. They seem to want to pick fights and make everything about them. It is emotionally exhausting to be around them.

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