God Is A Writer, Too.

I was busy reading Elements Of Writing when I realized that God, is a writer and a good one at that.

When you are writing a story, you create characters, develop a plot, include conflict whether internal or external and finally you end your story with a climax and resolution. The writer gives the characters opinions, feelings and the ability to interact with other characters in the book. If you start considering it, you might just see what I see. Anyway, I will help you see what I mean.

God, in His Abundant Glory as the Writer, Executor and Planner of All Life on Earth decides to write a story about me:

In a tiny island far, far away, a beautiful,bubbly,  baby girl was born. It was her birthday, the 6th of January and she brought with her cheer and joy as family members and friends stormed into her tiny, decent home to give her a proper welcome into the world. Her mother, did not mind the difficult birth because she knew in her heart, all this was worth it. Her baby could not be more healthy!

Her father named her on her seventh day, zeinab, ( zeinul- ab: the beauty of the father). It was as if he had known that she would grow up to resemble him in her everything! ” Zeinab”, could not be more appropriate!…

While I could not be more excited to finish the story above, it is God’s story and he is still telling it in His own pace. You just cannot rush the “man upstairs”!

Do you think characters in a well-written book could come to life and be actual people? I think so. If a writer is good at what they do, they can give life to the characters in the book; Stephanie Meyer did it in Twilight Trilogy! Her books were made into Twilight Saga and its subsequent sequels. The characters in the books transformed into live people on TV.

Imagine God to be this incredible writer who authored gargantuan amount of books with every book containing a story about each person who ever lived in this world. Imagine Him sitting somewhere planning out the setting, mood, and plot of your life from the moment you were born, through the downs and ups of your life, as you encountered problems and  obstacles in your path, as you learnt to solve your problems, and your happily ever after.

There is a reason why God is called Omniscient.Maybe, it is because He uses Third Person Omniscient point of view to write his stories.This way, He will know about the feelings and on-goings  of each one of us, characters, in his books, without being restricted by our actions or places in His magnanimous Book Of Life!

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