I Need ,Therefore I Am

Think about it!

Think about the first cell ever to be alive! The genesis of life; the beginning of it all. If I were the first cell ever to exist, I would not know why or how I came to be. Of course, the thought of that would not even cross my mind because I would have no mind, consciousness, nor would I possess ability to think. I would simply exist. And what do I mean by simply existing? I would be there. Being there would evidence the fact that I AM. I am there. Therefore, you cannot dispute my existence. You can pretend I don’t exist or simply ignore me but you cannot erase the mere fact that I exist.

Now imagine the first human being to ever exist in this world.If you are a believer of Darwin’s theory of Evolution, or of Adam and Eve, I would like to dare you to think outside the context of these two theories and instead use your wild imgination to imagine a once upon a time when a single human being capable of reason and judgement, who in this case is the first of human kind to ever exist, existing in this world.

What do you think is the first thing that will come to its mind?( I use it because it does not know its identity and of course back then, when the first human being existed, pronouns did not).

First Human Being Ever to Exist(FHBEE): “What am I? Where do I come from?Why am I here?”????

Nope, I don’t think so! What I think FHBEE is likely to ask itself is: “Why do I feel pain here?”( pointing to its stomach), after which it will figure out it needs to eat!

I dare to say that as human beings our entire existence is defined by needs: we need oxygen to breathe, we need food to eat, we need water to drink, we need social interaction to remain sane, we need to learn new things to become aware of our surroundings, we need to achieve to feel purposeful, we need to change to feel growth and most of all we need to believe that our existence has a reason, that there is a point to all this, in order to feel validated. Need, need , need and need. That has been our dynamic in so far as our existence is concerned.

Therefore, I have come to a conclusion that the very reason behind our existence is to live life pursuing the things we need. Living life like this may just as well be how we were meant to live it.

Those who search for the answer to our existence do not stop needing food, water, oxygen or belief while they are in the process of thought or reflection. That goes to say that, maybe, the answer to our existence has been there all along, right within us, but we fail to see it because we are too busy needing to believe that perhaps, there is a grand plan behind all of this, because we need to believe this, in order to feel validated.

I need therefore, I am!

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