Rich Kids Of Instagram?

What is up with money? Or rather, why is it that money and brains almost always never mix? Now I know why some people might think I am accusing grossly-rich kids of being flat out idiots or dumb dumbs but for real, I could not swallow another minute of the first episode of rich kids of instagram. I reached a point where I could not take it anymore. I felt repulsed, grossed out and almost nauseous to the point of throwing up! Please please if you are going to be too rich to spend thousands of dollars on a luncheon in an exclusive restaurant in Miami, kindly do yourself a favour, take up a language class in Chinese or go traveling with intent to explore the world, learn new cultures, meet new people, anything that does not entail taking selfies or show-casing your shoe collection. Maybe hire a life coach so you can learn how to have a meaningful, less superficial life! Mean? Yes I just could not help it! If I was a billionaire or even a millionare I would do so much for myself and the world. And none of it would have anything to do with the car I would be driving or the shoes I would be wearing! It does not make sense to own so much money and so little creativity. There is much more you can do with money and lead a more meaningful, fulfilling life. Hundreds of thousands of dollars for a car? How about a hundred dollars for a course in sign language, which is a helpful skill. Why not invest money in learning or research? Who needs all those shoes anyway? Not unless you have multiple legs. Personally I do not believe in owning something I do not need! I know for sure that I will always thirst for knowledge and a s a human being with a brain and intelligence quotient, I believe I was meant to need to learn and explore things! If I was a rich kid, I would definitely own the biggest library in the world! I would then spend more money updating my library! I know you are probably thinking who needs books when you can own Kindle! Well if you were a reader, you would know there is a huge difference between holding a book in your hands and holding a device with a screen! It is like an astronaut landing on the moon and watching a documentary about an astronaut landing on the moon!Even different does not begin to describe how different that is! There is no word currently that fits what I am trying to say! So rich kids of instagram, please do something soulful with your lives! Who made this show anyway? Let the kids go to school or something!

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