I Ran Away From The Gym

I went to the gym today to check what it is all about. I went inside and paid for a day because it made sense to see if the shoe fits before I bought a pair! I went into the room with heavy gear all around. From treadmills to heavy weights! I saw it all. Somehow I wondered if ever I was seeing myself lifting kilograms of metal and balancing them on my spine! What a way to disconnect your head from the rest of your body!So a trainer met me and the first thing he did was put me on a treadmill! Mind you, I had not exercised in like forever, and here I was on a moving platform that only kept going faster as the trainer pressed some buttons on the treadmill and I begged him to let it run on the lowest speed possible. I was scared! I remembered watching a hilarious turned not-so-hilarious video where a girl fell face first on the treadmill and was catapulted away like some potato sack. I was sure that was going to be me. Only this time, I was going to fly screaming, and probably, it would be bloody! The trainer said that a walking pace at the treadmill would not help me so he instead led me into a room with mirrors where he arranged some weights and asked me to run, pick them up one by one, line after another and drop them into a busket in the corner. I was supposed to do that in a minute and 36 seconds. He was way too ambitious! Haha! I looked at the weights on the floor and remarked, ” Wow, this looks boring!”. I could not help but feel like my experience at the gym was being short-changed! Gym is supposed to be fun, right?Like in the movies and reality shows. Where is the fun in running in a confined space picking weights and dropping them into a busket? Anyways, I was not going home without feeling the gym experience. So the trainer started the stopwatch and off I ran. I ran hard and fast, only to lose breathe gradually and I failed to meet his time. I had to run again and again until I finished in 1 minute 36 seconds. I had to do all that while he was shouting “Run, don’t jog!” or “what is that you are doing? Are you walk-racing? Stop doing that! Run!” . Going to the gym is probably the worst thing anyone can do for the first time! This guy totally ruined gym for me. I never thought I was going to be roughed up or thrown into rigorous exercises. I imagined gym to be a place one could go unwind after a hard day at work or school. I thought they would let me keep my headphones on. What about aerobics?I thought that was what gym was all about! Fun, awesomeness, cool stuff to do and take selfies to brag about with friends! I do not think I will be back there anytime soon.

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