Why Things Go Wrong

It was time to go back to school and somehow I felt so sad because I would have to adjust to hostel life all over again. Being a boarder is tough. Having to share living space with people you do not know is even tougher. I am a stickler for privacy and personal space not to mention I am a claustrophobic genius who gets easily overwhelmed by pointless stress!

I got into a plane and off I went to Nairobi. I got an uber to take me and my bulky luggage-which I hate but was completely necessary since I was coming to stay for close to five months- from the airport and to hostels where I began hostel-hunting for a nice room and friendly roommates! I left my bags with my friend and left to find any vacant good room to make it into my home for the next five months. After disappointing “no vacancies”, I finally found a room but it meant I would share it with nother girl. She The room looked nice and decent except for the bank bed I was supposed to sleep in! Its springs were sagging and the metal columns which acted as the bed’s frame were dominantly taking charge poking my entire body: chest, hips nd my back! The matress that was given to me was so thin you could wrap a sausage with it! I felt defeated since I had already paid for the room and there was no way I could get a refund! I slept the first night and it was the most painful night of my life because the metal frame dug into my ribs, my backbone, my boobs and my hips were sore by the tie it was morning. I complained to the matron hoping that she would help in any way she could. Nothing! Nada!

I started asking around for where I could get a new mattress but somehow this entire Ngara and its environs had no mattress. Now I began hunting for a mattress online instead. I saw a used high density 3 by 6 mattress selling for three thousand shillings and I contacted the seller for directions to his house so I could go and take it. I was relieved that this time I was solving my problem without parting with too much money. So I set out on a motorbike and left to buy my mattress. Once I was there, the seller was so courteous and she even let me inside her house nd I thought wow she is super nice! I humbly entered her home and she offered to let me inspect tve mattress. I was desperate for a mattress and I knew at the back of my mind that I would have to come bck with a matress somehow because tonight I was not up for another agonizing tossing and turning. So I paid the good woman 3000 shillings and called the motorbike dude to help me tie up the mattress and mount it on the bike so we could leave for my hostel. I was already picturing myself npping peacefully with my organs thanking me profusely for saving them from another attack by the gnawing metal bed frame. Tonight I was going to payback sleep I lost before.

From my sheer excitement at my new mattress I almost hugged it as I helped the motorbike dude carry it to the bike, and it was then, in the daylight outside, that I noticed a rather gruesome affair happening on the mattress: Huge pea-sized bed bugs from hell strated scampering all over the mattress and I almost died with shock! I quickly called the seller to beg her to let me return the mattress because this was not a matress; it was a kingdom of disgusting bed bugs that I was carrying back to the hostel! I was never ever going to take that thing back home and suddenly the prospect of sleeping on a painful metal bed frame became much better and preferred than nesting on a feasting, biting bed of bedbugs! Once the matress was returned I jolted out of there with such speed that would put fast and furious to shame! That was a close save! I almost transferred heaps of bedbug colonists to my new hostel! I started imagining that my hostel would look like the virus-infested planet in Alien Covenant with the virus attacking everyone’s bodies and turning them into monsters except this time the parasites are biting bedbugs and while they do not kill their hosts, the students at the hostel would be as pale as vampires because the freaking parasites would have sucked them dry. At the hostel I stripped down outside before entering my room. I did not touch anything inside the room. I went and scrubbed myself in the shower, washed my hair and then got into my room. I could not believe what a day i had had.

I had not yet solved the bed problem and I was this close to bringing a new problem into my current state of affairs! I was sad and angry and this made me miss home even more.

The next day I set out to buy plywood because I felt it would help with the bed frame. I went to a hardware store nearby and while they confirmed they had plywood they somehow could not sell it to me because and I quote, ” I cannot get the plywood from under all those huge pipes that are put on top of the plywood.” I wanted to hit hi where it hurt the most! Had this guy known how despearate I was he would remove a damn mountain off of the plywood! I could not take it anymore! I broke down and cried in the room by myself! I just could not understand why I have to fight twice as hard as other people in order to get what I want. It seemed like the entire universe was out to get me!

I got out and took a bus to town. I said this time I was going to come back with a mattress or go back home and cancel the semester! I was ready to pack my bags and leave for home if I was not going to bring back a new mattress! After visiting a few supermarkets in town, I found my perfect mattress! It was expensive but like I said, I was coming back with a mattress this time! It was one of those go big or go home scenarios! I am happy to inform you gubys that tonight,I will sleep like a baby!

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