I Took Grandma Out On A Date

So I figured since I was going back to school any day now, I would surprise my grandma with a lunch date at a nice restaurant for a change of scenery;somewhere she would feel special and appreciated for her grandmother.n.e.s.s? Haha! So I combed her hair and pinned it away from her face using hair pins. I then washed her face clean and helped her dress in a nice dress which I borrowed from mum( without her knowledge, please don’t tell her). She was ready. I then got ready myself and off we went. She walked rather slowly so I held her arm for a much needed boost. I chose Romantic Palace Hotel by the seafront because it was the closest decent restaurant around and since we lived on a tiny island with no automobiles, it only made sense to take her somewhere closest so she would not have to walk very far. I normally go to Palace Hotel to eat pizza but I was afraid granny might not fancy too much cheese so I chose crispy soya chicken with chips instead. She loved it. She found the chips to be too crispy for her three cute teeth but she munched through her chicken like a badass!

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