How Do I Feel?

I feel like human interactions are complicated and so draining sometimes. I feel so bad that I am bothered by people’s behavior when their behavior says more about them than anyone else.

I feel like people should not make others feel bad. People should be clear in their interactions and intentions with others always. They should not make others guess why they are behaving a certain way. I appreciate a direct, straightforward person even if I do not like what they have to say to me. I do not ever want to be put in a position whereby I have to read someone’s mind and interpet their unpleasant mood or actions!

What is worse is that I find myself always repulsed by evocative behavior exhibited by otherwise mature adults. It is worse because, they are respected elders who must be given the utmost respect. Therefore, you cannot call out on their not-so-adult-like behavior. You just swallow that huge lump in your throat and pray that you will feel better the next day.

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