Albert Einstein’s: My Credo

I found this particularly interesting.Reading “my credo” made me realize that scholars and knowledgeable people can be religious. In this piece, Einstein gave a different perspective on religiousness: mystery. To him, wondering about mysterious things in life like, I assume, a person’s life purpose and reason for existing in this world, equals religiousness. He goes further to say that a person who does not wonder about the mystery of life and its purpose is dead or blind as far as his opinion is concerned!

I cannot believe that Einstein once wondered about the purpose of life at a spiritual level. I have been curiously fascinated by the same philosophy he was advocating for in “my credo”. The only difference is that my search for my life’s purpose and conclusion for the ultimate goal of life itself, including the reason why I personally came to be in this world,is still ongoing and I have not made any findings yet. I guess one has to live their life to the fullest to get answers to the mysteries of life. One has to learn,experince,observe and grow to be able to arrive at the truth of life.

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  1. Hi – thanks for the link. I think the purpose of life is to live it to the fullest, experience everything you can, love, create, travel, meet people, enjoy, look after nature and try to make the world a better place. That’s it!

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