Bookworms Are So My Type

Some girls love hunks who are well-built and popular. Some want successful men who are rich, tall, manly or whatever it is that does not go two inches beneath outer appearance and social status. I, on the other hand, have found myself drooling over guys who are bookworms! Yes, you heard me right! I love a guy who can appreciate a good book. I am drawn to guys whose hobby involves reading and/or writing. To me such guys are hot even if their looks are not so attractive. I am attracted to the confidence and the brains. The smarter the better. A guy who can speak in public without fidgeting and who is well-read excites all my senses! I cannot resist such a man. I am a bookworm myself. I love to write and intellectually stimulating philosophy makes me squirm with pleasure. If my guy could be delighting in the same pleasures I do, I will be so glad. You see I believe after the initial excitement ends when you are dating your significant other, reality pops in with a blow! What your partner does in their free time suddenly becomes an important factor in your relationship because it will dictate how you guys spend your life when you are not at work or school. Are you compatible outside of romance? Do you share the same interests? If you would like to spend your holidays traveling and exploring new worlds, would he rather stay behind and lounge in his man cave? I want my guy to want the same things I want. It may seem boring to most people, yes! But apparently that is what makes me happy.

I want a guy who enjoys reading a novel, watching the amazing race,has an active blog or two, gets giddy and excited over philosophy, enjoys watching k-dramas and chinese dramas, loves camping and sailing. If I could get a guy who loved philosophy and writing, I would still be happy. I am ready to compromise on the rest. Someone once said that they needed to feel attracted to someone physically to be with them intimately. However, I have observed that what is important to me is intellectual stimulation rather than physical looks and has more to do with a guy’s reading list than his biceps. If a guy stimulates my mind with his mind, I can overlook appearance without a second thought! In fact, I hardly see ugly in a person who successfully manages to sweep my brains away with his smarts. Instead I see him as handsome and attractive equal to his intelligence and confidence! To me, a guy’s level of intelligence and creativity is directly proportional to his attractiveness. The more creative and intelligent he is, the more attractive he will look to me.

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