I Am Dating Myself This Valentine’s Day

I took myself out to dinner for Valentine’s Day and I could not have been happier! I had nothing fancy, just a plate of french fries and Prawns Scampi that came with a delicious mayonnaise dip on the side! I had a banana chocolate shake with my food and totally relaxed my otherwise stiff shoulders as soothing instrumental music played in the background. The lighting was dim and just right for me because I find bright light too headachey for my eyes. I enjoyed my dinner and as I dipped my fries and prawns in the mayo, I thought how amazingly refreshing taking yourself out to dinner is; you get to enjoy your own company without the pressure that comes with trying to please or impress your date. Taking yourself out for a date is way better than bringing along someone who might dislike the way you chew or keep on staring at your mouth the whole time or whatever weird elses another person seated across from you is likely to do.

I find that there is no better time for self love than Valentine’s Day! Because this day is specially celebrated for lovers, I find that it makes perfect timing for some personal TLC. Afterall, if you cannot learn to love your own company, you would hardly appreciate the company of others.

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