If We Never Died

I am intrigued by the fact that human beings will expire or die, at an unknown time and in a mysterious way. I wonder why death had to be so mysterious! Wouldn’t it be better if we knew when we were going to die and how? I don’t really know!

Why did we have to die in the first place? Why not live eternally as human beings? Is there a system to our existence on this earth? Is it possible that someone or something came up with a rulebook for all life in this world or other existing worlds beyond ours? I dare to say or speculate that this life we live is engineered! Yes I said it! Just because we are not made of metal and screws and bolts does not mean we are not somehow robotic?

I am sure I am not the first one to make this accusation which I believe goes against human intelligence and the achievements we have made in science and evolution;the same achievements that give us the confidence to claim that we are our own masters in our lives and we decide how we get to live, even when we have no power over death or how and when it knocks on our doorsteps!

I have pondered over this mystery of death and life and control which I strongly dismiss as just another one of those illusions human beings have, because in reality we have not been able to control a great deal in our lives today. Instead we have intelligently, evidently, adapted, grown, invented, innovated ways to move forward , to survive, to live on in our children after our death,despite the lack of capacity to control what seems to be pre-programmed, already-set, hardwired,unchangeable transitions in our lives!

When man needed to communicate with people without having to see or meet with them, he invented telephones; However, if human beings ever needed to stay alive for as long as they wished-which is forever because nobody really, truly wants to die if they can control happiness in their lives- will we be able to invent eternal life?

Vampires from movies may have been the only ones so far who dared to live on past their deaths. I will always continue to be intrigued by the mystery that is death!

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