I Took Grandma Out On A Date

So I figured since I was going back to school any day now, I would surprise my grandma with a lunch date at a nice restaurant for a change of scenery;somewhere she would feel special and appreciated for her grandmother.n.e.s.s? Haha! So I combed her hair and pinned it away from her face using hair pins. I then washed her face clean and helped her dress in a nice dress which I borrowed from mum( without her knowledge, please don’t tell her). She was ready. I then got ready myself and off we went. She walked rather slowly so I held her arm for a much needed boost. I chose Romantic Palace Hotel by the seafront because it was the closest decent restaurant around and since we lived on a tiny island with no automobiles, it only made sense to take her somewhere closest so she would not have to walk very far. I normally go to Palace Hotel to eat pizza but I was afraid granny might not fancy too much cheese so I chose crispy soya chicken with chips instead. She loved it. She found the chips to be too crispy for her three cute teeth but she munched through her chicken like a badass!

Knowledge Of “Previous Truths”

Someone asked a random but otherwise important question today:

” How come we feel a pebble through our shoes when we step on one? Or sand? or a stick?” His point was that shoes covered our feet- and nerves that are responsible for ” feeling” anything. Therefore, we should not be able to feel the things we step on or be able to tell what they are!

I smiled. Had he known just how much interesting this conversation just became for me he would have said he owed me one for raising such a thought-provoking-music-to-my-ears kind of topic.

I proceeded to theorise: My theory was called ” knowledge of previous truths” to mean that since we have a previous knowledge of how a stone, a stick, a pebble, sand feels like when we are walking on these things without our shoes, we are able to “remember” how sand feels like for instance when the sand particles crumble beneath our shoes or when our shoes dig into the sand, that familiar knowledge of sandness comes to mind and we are able to know that we are walking on sand even if we are not looking down as we walk or we are blindfolded. I am sure someone can tell the size and sharpness of a small stone or pebble when they step on one with their shoes on without looking at it. I believe that is because we have previous knowledge of stepping on stones. So our mind registers that particular stone’s size and sharpness.

I do not know if my theory has any scientific backing. I am not sure if someone has come up with the same theory before mine. What I know is, based on the limited knowledge I have of critical analysis and theory, I was able to create this theory in my mind while I was in the process of explaining why I think we feel things through our shoes to my friend.

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How Do I Feel?

I feel like human interactions are complicated and so draining sometimes. I feel so bad that I am bothered by people’s behavior when their behavior says more about them than anyone else.

I feel like people should not make others feel bad. People should be clear in their interactions and intentions with others always. They should not make others guess why they are behaving a certain way. I appreciate a direct, straightforward person even if I do not like what they have to say to me. I do not ever want to be put in a position whereby I have to read someone’s mind and interpet their unpleasant mood or actions!

What is worse is that I find myself always repulsed by evocative behavior exhibited by otherwise mature adults. It is worse because, they are respected elders who must be given the utmost respect. Therefore, you cannot call out on their not-so-adult-like behavior. You just swallow that huge lump in your throat and pray that you will feel better the next day.

How to Become a Better Listener: 10 Simple Tips — The Positivity Blog – Practical Happiness Tips

“I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.”Ernest Hemingway “Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we could hear twice as much as we speak.”Epictetus One social habit that I used to be quite bad at was to truly listen when other people spoke. I…

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